(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

HIGHLIGHTS: volume 50

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As we enter the mat room Anne Marie and Paisley lie in a body pile utterly drained from their presumed boxing bout. Despite missing the match, we’re lucky that a cameraman caught the action that led to their violent and sweaty toppling. A flashback brings us several hours to an early point of their scrap.

Anne stands groggy in front of Paisley, beseeching to be put down as she can’t endure anymore. Unfortunately, Paisley is having too much fun having her way with Anne and delivers a myriad of staggering rights to her face. Anne grows more dazed with each blow and miraculously keeps her footing. Paisley switches it up with a couple hooks that spin Anne in circles that leave her completely open. The sequence of attacks is finished with a winding uppercut that sends Anne flying and flipping onto her stomach for an exposed and twitchy KO. Paisley rolls Anne onto her back and mounts her for some rigorous ground and pound action. Rights and lefts crack across Anne’s face that spring her legs into the air and Paisley closes out with a sharp left that spells lights out for Anne with a nasty spit take.

The following round sees Anne with the advantage as Paisley stands stupefied before her. A number of straight rights send Paisley staggering to the wall granting Anne an opening for ample gut shots. Each hit sends Paisley further into dizziness, then Anne applies some chloroform to her padded glove for extra effectiveness. She forces the glove to Paisley’s airways and executes more face punching. She then presses the glove deeper putting Paisley on the verge of a KO until she’s left wavering while drooling. She collapses face down into a derri “air” pose then tries her damndest to get to her feet, but Anne continuously lands face punches that keep her down and senseless. A hard right leaves her face down and ass up as she impotently convulses. Anne scores a 10-count fall as Paisley endlessly writhes on her face, then finishes her off with a pound to the skull that ceases her twitching. Anne strikes a victory pose to secure the W.

Paisley gets one up on Anne with an illegal sleeperhold that causes her to squirm in her clutches. Paisley continues to dig at Anne as she can’t escape the debilitating submission. Anne seemingly goes out from the submission, but Paisley ensures the deed as done as she cinches and twists the hold, jarring Anne from her light slumbers. Limb checks ensure Anne is out cold and Paisley procures a taser from a sneaky spot beside the mats. She craftily fits it into her glove and wakes Anne for more punishment. Anne recovers against the wall and Paisley presses her about the mentioning of cheating. An electrocuting body blow sinks into Anne’s stomach making her convulse. A second punch to the face causes her to helplessly convulse again as she’s positioned in the center. A combination of shocking rights send Anne into the air and splattered against the mats where she continues to wildly spasm and drool. The convulsions then calm to faint twitches. Paisley sits her up and Anne is dying to be zonked as she can’t tolerate more pain. A taser-infused punch to the spine causes her to dispel a geyser of sputum as the volts ravage her body. Paisley then puts her down for the count with an uppercut and proceeds with the 10-count fall. Paisley poses over her electrified opposition as we move into the final round.

Anne and Paisley trade lackadaisical, yet vicious punches as they both approach knockout territory. They clinch to prevent the other from gaining momentum and trade numerous hard belly shots that make their bodies tremor. Paisley gets the worst of it and Anne breaks away to retrieve a steel chair from the back. A punch-drunk Paisley is tricked into holding it and Anne cocks back with a punch to send it crashing into her face. Paisley can’t help but drool as her brains are scrambled and Anne lays her out with a fierce uppercut. Paisley lies enervated and twitching, giving Anne the chance to repay a favor. She locks Paisley into a sleeperhold and continuously cocks it harder to ensure she isn’t playing possum. When Paisley is finally eliminated, Anne goes for the 10-count fall but lethargy gets the best of her. She slumps across Paisley’s midriff for an unintentional belly splash and we arrive at the beautiful sight that greeted us.

Uppercut KOs
Mounted punches
Left hook spit take KO
Foot-on-chest 10-count pin
Belly punching
Chloroform-infused punches
Glove smother KO
Right hook KO
Sleeperhold KOs
Electrocuting punches KO
Electric spinal punch w/ spit take
Clinched belly punches
Chair shot
Fatigue KO
Derri “air” KO poses
Twitching / convulsing
Body pile
Eye rolling
Tongue protrusion
Win poses
Limb checks


Length: 26 min
Price: 24.99