(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Irene SIlver sits triumphantly upon the rears of her matchbook-folded foes, Dakota Charms, and newcomer, Macy Nikole. Irene revels in victory as she recommends we check the playback to detail just how she ended up flexing and on top.

We fade back to Irene stretching and prepping for her upcoming handicap match with Dakota and Macy who’re pumped for the bout. As she converses with SK they ambush her with a boot to the back into a camel clutch from Macy. The two swoon over Irene as they swap spots and Dakota delivers her own camel clutch. Next, Irene is stood up and sent her crashing to the mats with a double stunner KO. They secure the fall as they each perform single leg hook 5-count pins, then strike a win pose as they agree to the match terms.

Irene is revived and flung to the wall for plenty of belly punches from both girls. They follow-up with synched kicks to her midsection as she pleads for a breather. Her cries are ignored as Macy and Nikole administer a double belly punch that forces a spit take from Irene. The potency drops Irene to her knees where she crumbles forward into a derri “air” pose where the duo offers some playful spanking. Soon after Irene is lifted and hurled into the opposing wall for a myriad of wall splashes. They top that off with a stacked wall splash that sends Irene collapsing facedown. Irene is brought to the center and trapped into consecutive KO-inducing sleeperholds as they make taunts. Both ladies take a leg and score a single leg hook 5-count pin as Irene is hopeless to kick out. Afterward they lie next to their worn idol, flexing and posing as they celebrate the fall.

Macy and Dakota plot their next move as Irene struggles to find consciousness and she ends up in a back-straining double half-boston crab. The girls go a step further as they transition to a liontamer against the amazon. They reposition her to the middle of the mats to deliver big boots to the face that leave her groggy. Irene begs for leniency only to be met with an ecstatic double big boot to the face launching her backwards for another knockout. The duo come up with the brilliant idea to smother Irene with her own physique as she’s folded into a matchbook and suffocated to sleep with her own breasts. Macy and Nikole then strike a hugging pin and win poses as they sit on top of their spent icon.

Irene is woken up by the pair and suffers a double DDT, folding her over for another KO. They revive her again and attempt a double lariat, but Irene slips under and turns the table with a crucial dual lariat to her adversaries. She wastes little time going on the offensive as she chokes Dakota out with a slobber-inducing sleeperhold, then offers the same generosity to Macy. She uses the last bit of her second wind to score single leg hook 5-count pins on her admirers before passing out.

Irene maintains momentum as she forces both girls to the wall to dish out powerful belly punches. They groan as they teeter on the edge of blackouts, then Irene stacks them against the wall for running wall splashes. The final splash sends the pair melting forth into an enticing derri “air” KO’d body pile. Irene gets payback as she applies dual half-boston crabs to the sleeping beauties. They’re completely defenseless as Irene scoops them up by the hair, then forces them face down to the mats for a set of x-factor KOs. Irene rejoices as her opponents suffer beneath her single leg hook 5-count pins with bicep choking for extra sass. She then poses over the fallen dolls, ready to deal more damage.

Irene’s groupies wake up ensnared in choking maneuvers. Dakota kicks for freedom in a headscissor while Macy thrashes away in a sleeperhold, but it’s all for nought as Irene handily puts them down. Dakota is scooped to her feet and spiked into the mats for a tombstone piledriver KO. Macy endures the same fate as she’s spiked into a twitching fit. Irene poses the girls side-by-side, enjoying the cute and comatose challengers. She retrieves a chair from the back and sends a message with dual chair shots to their heads. The couple lie dominated and regretful of their actions. They’re finished off with a dual choke from the chair legs. Irene takes a seat, placing a heavier burden on the girls’ throats causing them to spit take, gurgle, and gasp as their last bits of oxygen are stolen. Irene folds the ladies up for a dual matchbook 10-count pin with mocking spanks to assert authority. We’re then where we began as Irene sits on her adorers’ glutes for a stimulating victory pose.

Camel clutches
Double stunner KO
Single leg hook 5-count pins
Assorted belly strikes
Derri “air” KO poses
Wall splashes KOs
Sleeperhold KOs
Double leg hook 5-count pin
Double half-boston crab
Double big boot KO
Double matchbook breast smother KO
Double DDT KO
Dual lariat
Dual half-boston crab
Dual x-factor KOs
Single leg hook 5-count pins w/ choking
Simultaneous sleeperhold & headscissor KOs
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Dual chair shots
Dual choking w/ chair KOs
Dual matchbook 10-count pins
Instant replays
Limb checks
Body piles
Win poses
Trash talk


Length: 30 min
Price: 28.99