(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We open with a delighted Cynder holding up an unconscious Jacquelyn by the arms, calling her the biggest jobber in SKW, even if Jacquelyn doesn’t think so.  Dropping Jacquelyn to the mat, still out cold, Cynder wonders if she can pin her with a foot plant and pose, counting out the count over a completely unresponsive Jacquelyn.  In order to explain how we got here, Cynder suggests watching the highlight reel that preceded Jacquelyn’s downfall
The match begins with Jacquelyn trash talking Cynder, calling her the biggest jobber in Sleeperkid’s World, but Cynder claims to have seen the battling blonde pinned by so many wrestlers, and the trash talking continues.  Finally, Jacquelyn dares Cynder to take her best shot, to show who the biggest jobber really is. Cynder obliges her and fires a hard right cross into Jacquelyn’s jaw, spinning her in place as her eyes cross, wobbling unsteadily on shaky legs before crashing onto the mat, stunned.  Cynder mocks her as she lifts her limbs for a little limp play, showing how completely out Jacquelyn actually is.  Then she cheekily places a foot over Jacquelyn’s belly for her first victory pose.
When Jacquelyn comes around at last, she rises to her feet, staggering from the effects of the knockout, but Cynder is ready for her, sneaking up from behind with a billy club in hand, cracking it over Jacquelyn’s skull, sending the cross-eyed blonde thudding down onto her knees, then folding over with her butt high in the air, eyes rolled back into her head and unconscious.  Planting a foot on Jacquelyn’s butt, Cynder poses over her fallen prey
When Jacquelyn eventually comes around again, Cynder has another game in store, firing a fist into Jacquelyn’s face over and over, making her eyes cross as she moans and stumbles, legs going rubbery until one final shot to the face drops her once again down onto the mat, giving Cynder the chance to flail her arms and legs again, then posing over her prone body.
As Jacquelyn moans incoherently, comatose on the ground, Cynder pulls her up to her feet, Jacquelyn’s’ eyes crossed and rolls as she mumbles.  Wanting to test an idea, Cynder hits Jacquelyn with a brutal Stunner, rocking her jaw off of her shoulder, sending her crashing back down to the mat, knocked out cold.  In fact, she’s so limp that Cynder can’t even pull her back upright, and instead opts to pose over her once again.
Cradling Jacquelyn between her legs as her prey slowly comes to, Cynder decides on another attack, driving her knuckle hard into Jacquelyn’s temple, grinding in as she flails, eyes crossed, tongue sticking out until her lids flutter shut, passing out yet again.  Limp play and a victory pose as Jacquelyn slumbers
Jacquelyn eventually comes around again, only for Cynder to hit her in the face with not one, but two doses of knockout spray, sending Jacquelyn back to the mat, folded over herself with her but in the air, mumbling as her eyes roll.  Once final blast of knockout spray sends Jacquelyn off to dreamland, giving Cynder the chance to sit on her backside like a chair for another victory pose.
Cynder then shows off the SKW championship belt to a barely Conscious Jacquelyn, claiming it should be renamed the Champion Jobber belt just for her.  Jacquelyn slumps against Cynder, eyes fluttering as she moans. Cynder thinks Jacquelyn should have a closer look at the newly named strap, and gives her one with a brutal x-factor, driving her head hard into the metal plating, leaving Jacquelyn wobbling on her knees before a finger poke of doom pushes her onto the mat, knocked out once again.  Cynder lays the jobber belt across her belly, and then plants a foot on her cheek for a victory pose.
A comatose Jacquelyn is wobbling, barely upright in the middle of the mat, as Cynder soaks a rag with some sleepy potion, then wraps it to Jacquelyn’s face with some tape, making her inhale the vapors until Jacquelyn collapses to the mat, in the perfect position for a crushing neck scissors.  Jacquelyn’s crossed eyes roll into her head from the dual attack, finally going still.  Cynder flops her arms a little to make sure she’s all the way out, then folds them over her chest, at last counting out a ten-count pinfall, the defeated blonde passed out beneath her, ripe for one last victory pose.

Face Punching
Trash Talking
Billy Club
Nerve Attack
Knockout Spray
X Factor
Neck Scissors
Knockout Potion
Squash Match
Victory Posing
Rolled Eyes
Crossed Eyes

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Length: 22 min

Price: 18.99