(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



Sumiko has been knocked out and left tied in a chair wearing a tiny shiny blue bikini.  Enter Serena reprising her role as “The Riddler”, gloating over Sumiko’s bound and limp body playfully, vowing to add her to her collection.  But her real goal is to trap Supergirl, using Sumiko as bait.
Enter Jacquelyn Velvets as “Supergirl” in a flash, demanding to know why Riddler wants her attention so badly. Claiming she thinks she can take Supergirl on, Riddler strikes a deal, if Supergirl wins she can free her hostage, but if Riddler wins she gets bragging rights to the claim of having defeated Supergirl.  Supergirl accepts smugly, flashing out of the way to avoid Riddler’s attempt at a sucker-punch.  Riddler is undeterred, gloating over a waking Sumiko as she waits for Supergirl to return. Zipping back in, Supergirl demands to know what the challenge is, only to blink away as Riddler attempts another haymaker punch, while Sumiko begs and pleads to be saved. Riddler hand-smothers her to quiet Sumiko down, bringing Supergirl zipping back with a tap to the shoulder. Riddler aims for a kick only to swing at air as Supergirl once again zips away. More begging earns Sumiko a neck chop to silence her, her head rolling with her eyes crossed and tongue dangling. Riddler opts to be patient, waiting.  Supergirl superspeeds back aiming to throw a punch but Riddler senses her return, driving a crushing kick to her face, stunning the maid of might! Riddler’s serum apparently works as she treats Supergirl to a series of belly punches followed by a devastating uppercut that sends the blonde heroine to the ground.  Riddler enjoys some limp play and gloating as Sumiko comes back around whining to be saved… Riddler treats her to a sleeper hold until Sumiko’s eyes roll and her tongue flops, fluttering to unconsciousness.  Riddler then strips an unconscious Supergirl of her cape and skirt, trying each on for size until the slumbering superheroine comes to.  Determined to end the confrontation, she gets to her feet, staggering, throwing punches and kicks, but Riddler’s newfound powers make her impossible to strike.  Can Supergirl survive Riddler’s puzzling new powers?  Or will the emerald evil-doer do her in?

Hand Smother
Neck Chops
Belly Punching
Face Punching
Eye Crossing
Tongue Dangling
Knock Outs
Heat Vision
Face Punching
Face Kicking
Out On Feet
Folded Over Pose
Nerve Pinching
Multiple Knockouts
Sleeper Hold
Eye Rolling
Foot Kissing
Butt Kissing
Mind Control
Neck Snapping
Winner: Riddler


Length: 21 min

Price: 17.99


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