(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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New girl, Josie Jo, sits bound in a chair and cries out for the help of Lady Lux (Lee Von Lux) to come and save her. Out of thin air, Lady Lux appears in all of her glory and dazzling eyes. Josie marvels at the sight of her heroine and suddenly launches out of the chair to embrace her champion. Before Lady Lux can see her way out, Josie stops her in her tracks with a desire to become her sidekick. Lady Lux rejects her, but Josie won’t stop without so much as a chance to try out. Josie reveals her powers are conditioned to unleash through dire straits and Lady Lux gives her the chance to prove herself worthy.

Lady Lux begins the audition with a sleeperhold to her playmate. Josie arches like crazy as she bears the pain and verbalizes what she’s feeling. She conks out on her feet and Lady Lux hoists her up for a fun little OTS carry. Lady Lux then lays her down and wakes her up for a seated sleeperhold. Josie wildly flails, but slows down as she begins seeing stars. Additional pressure evokes more out of Josie before she plays possum and Lady Lux catches on by sharply jerking her. Josie finally goes limp as the limb checks confirm the KO and Lady Lux poses over her help.

Lady Lux wakes Josie with encouraging words that lure her into a turbulent bearhug. Josie kicks like mad attempting to break free, but only succeeds in tiring herself. Josie touches the ground and struggles to stand as she dangles in Lady Lux’s grip. Tighter clinches squeeze the oxygen from Josie’s solar plexus to the point of a knockout and Lady Lux carries her about like a helpless damsel. She places her on the floor and positions for a reverse headscissor that catches Josie right as she wakes. The constricting squeeze sets Josie into a panic and chokes her into an eye-rolling heap.

Next, Lady Lux laces up with boxing gloves and gets Josie to her feet. She encourages Josie to endure more, then delivers copious punches that scramble her mental. Josie grows woozier with each blow and is left out cold on her feet from a winding uppercut. A goodnight kiss and blow topples her over and Lady Lux mounts her for more punishment. Lefts and rights cross Josie’s face forcing her body to recoil. A rattling right knocks the spit out of Josie and dims her lights. Lady Lux takes the golden opportunity to execute a reverse facesit and flex over the heroine-in-training. Josie’s body goes berserk as she attempts to break the hold, but her idol is too much for her and it’s curtains.

Lady Lux frees her hands, puts Josie in her lap, then breaks the news that she won’t be needing her assistance. To prevent any potential stalking scenarios she unleashes her powers with an almighty zap to Josie’s brain, causing her to dispel tons of drool as she endures the electrical pulse. Josie’s eyes roll back as she’s seemingly put away for good and Lady Lux pays her tribute, but a sudden burst of energy engulfs the petite girl and her eyes glow with vigor. Josie latches onto Lady Lux and combusts, knocking herself and Lady Lux out in the process. Josie awakens in a flash, invigorated with a tyrannical spirit that’s ready to show Lady Lux a thing or two.

Josie revives Lady Lux and pushes her to the corner before administering a provocative face lick. From the center of the room Josie charges up a sphere of glowing energy and blasts it toward Lady Lux, draining her of her being and excreting a run of drool. Lady Lux staggers forward and is left KO’d in a derri “air” pose. Josie snaps out of her savage state and checks Lady Lux’s wellbeing. Impressed with Josie’s showing, Lady Lux praises her as her new sidekick and plans to put her through training. The pair then warp to Lady Lux’s lair to prepare for their future encounters.

Sleeperhold KO
Over-the-shoulder carry
Seated sleeperhold KOs
Bearhug KO
Lift and carry
Reverse headscissor KO
Uppercut KO
Mounted punches w/ spit take KO
Reverse facesitting KO
Instant replay
Brain zap w/ spit take KO
Grappling explosion double KO
Beam projectile w/ spit take KO
Face lick
Derri “air” KO pose
Tongue protrusion
Victory pose
Limb checks
Outtakes / non-FX shots


Length: 37 min
Price: 33.99