(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We enter to see the eccentric Mia Hope anxiously pacing about the mats in her robe anticipating the arrival of her “teacher”. With little time to waste Kristie hits the scene, pleased to make Mia’s acquaintance and delighted to be chosen for the opportunity. Mia expresses her desire to feel Kristie’s technique firsthand in order to become a KO queen herself, but it’ll cost her a bit more than the fee for the session (hint hint).

Using the chair to give her some comfortable leverage, Kristie opens up with the fundamental sleeperhold, particularly applied to give Mia a dose of its capability. Kristie gentily consoles her for being on the receiving end as Mia squirms and taps to submit, but that only serves as a cue to tighten her grip and put Mia to rest as her tongue protrudes and saliva drips from her lips. Kristie enjoys a bit of Mia’s limp figure and secures a single leg-hooked 10-count pin before proceeding.

A few light facial taps and rubbing revive Mia as she eagerly comes to and is somewhat aroused to experience the next hold. Kristie encloses Mia’s neck in her signature reverse headscissor as she explains all that Mia is enduring. Mia continually squirms and wiggles about in Kristie’s smothering grasp as she whimpers through her dangling tongue. Kristie gives her a brief wellness check before her revered figure four headscissor is cranked and Mia goes out in seconds.

Kristie continues to embrace her sleepy illustrious figure as she wakes her up. Kristie guides her over to the chair where the full experience continues with a seated hand smother. The lack of oxygen causes Mia to flounder as she slowly fades to Kristie’s soothing words controlling hold. But just like her other techniques, it’s accentuated when her other hand is brought across Mia’s eyes, implementing a full face smother. Mia lightly claws at her arms but her meager attempts to escape only result in unconsciousness, a stream of drool, and her twitchy toes and soles.

Kristie strokes her until the stimulated Mia comes to and the belly treatment comes next. Mia is brought to the wall and eats a multitude of belly punches alongside some fist grinding. With each strike Mia teeters on the edge of a knockout as she leans on Kristie’s arm before the last one drops her to the mats spread eagle. A couple of belly splashes earns Kristie a single leg hook 10-count pin.

Kristie uses the leverage of the chair to apply an excruciating frontal headscissor as she strokes Faith’s head. After the first KO Kristie wakes her up and transitions to a figure 4 headscissor for an even harsher maneuver. Kristie applies more pressure to Mia’s neck with a figure four from the rear as well as a pure choke that incites more sleepy drooling. Kristie then tops off the lesson with a severe neck drill and hand smother combo that’s wrapped-up with a classic sleeperhold to make Mia a twitchy and comatose driveling mess. A final single leg hook 10-count pin alongside a win pose marks what would be the end for their session, but Kristie has something else in mind…

Kristie goes to retrieve a cushy blanket and pillow for her and her session partner, before snuggling up with her. Kristie even has the courtesy to give her the pillow and place her thumb in her mouth for extra relaxation. She shares a few words about a very pleasurable session before some satisfactory shuteye as Mia dreams about her aspirations of becoming the next KO queen.

Prolonged sleeperhold KOs
Limp play
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Reverse headscissor
Reverse figure four headscissor KO
Tongue protrusion
Sensual touching
Hand smother KO
Belly punching
Belly splash KO
Instant replay
Seated frontal headscissor KOs
Seated figure four headscissor KOs
Seated rear choking
Pressure point drill plus hand smother KO
Eye rolling


Length: 33 min
Price: 31.99