(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



A casual stroll through the forest, absorbing the sunlight and enjoying the weather, the stunning Luna innocently waits for her boyfriend in a suspiciously secluded area. Her body language and demeanor drenched with the innocence of tropism, oblivious to her surroundings, and like any good horror film, the beginning arc of a slow moving crescendo that is soon to arrive. Luna wanders aimlessly trying to stretch her legs in a visually welcoming area. However, regardless of how beautiful the area, the road to hell is paved with… well… a welcoming area, as Luna doesn’t notice the creeping danger that slowly encircles her. It does feel like “Halloween night”, but would this Halloween be different? Would incipient doom be avoided? Will Luna be able to escape a trap that she unknowingly has become ensnared in?

A flash of the infamous TINY VORHEES, a titanic goliath whose lore and very image strikes fear in the hearts of even the most stoic of humans, catches Luna’s eye. She panics and hangs up on her boyfriend hoping she would be better prepared for dealing with whatever that enormous creature is, but… when she looks up… he’s gone. Confused, she convinces herself it was a mirage but still moves carefully through the tangled brush, like a soldier in war. What Luna doesn’t understand is that there would be no escape, and that even the most cautious wanderer, now has to deal with reality.

Luna steps back and doesn’t see Tiny appear behind her. He wraps his arm around Luna’s throat and locks her in a sleeperhold. Luna’s eyes open wide and eventually roll back showing the pearly whites of her eyes. Her tongue sticks out, as she squirms helpless against the wrenching arm crushing her windpipe. After she has thoroughly been put to sleep, Tiny Vorhees tosses her limp body over his shoulder as if she were light as a feather. Just as a sun flare strikes the camera, Tiny stands magnanimous in victory, as he carries an unconscious Luna back through the forest preparing her to be his next victim.

Luna snaps awake. Was it a dream? Was it nothing more than a deeply unconscious experience? It felt so real… Luna collects herself and walks into the kitchen to get a snack. Behind her the towering monster reappears… this is no dream, this is a nightmare. And unfortunately for Luna, she doesn’t understand how bad things will get. After consuming her snack she turns around and is greeted by the hand of Tiny wrapping around her throat and lifting her into the air. She squeals, chokes and kicks her legs but nothing is able to loosen the grip around her neck. The cold fingers of her assailant bring her closer to darkness with each passing second. Tiny squeezes tighter forcing the beautiful wrestler’s tongue to gently stick out of her mouth. Luna is beginning to understand the terrible situation she finds herself in as Tiny ends the dominating throatlift with a neck snap and gently holds his victim in the air. He slowly returns her to the ground and tosses her over his shoulder like a ragdoll.

Again Luna snaps awake, clearly having grown tired of these very realistic visions of torture, but the torture has just begun… Tiny Vorhees psychologically beats his victims with repeated knockouts, as he imposes a powerful skull crush, a reverse bearhug, an over the shoulder bearhug on Luna that leaves her gasping for breath. The whites of her eyes become more prevalent as the torture continues, as Tiny clasps his hands around her neck yet again and sends her to dreamland with a two handed choke from behind that causes drool to cascade from the unfortunate wrestler’s open mouth. Constant limp body play, interspersed with over the shoulder carries aptly fill the space between each knockout as this video doesn’t stop from the second it starts. We watch on the edge of our seats, as the complete destruction of Luna culminates with a massive, backyard Tombstone Piledriver that leaves Tiny’s latest victim twitching, unconscious and limp.

Was this real or was it a hallucination? These questions do not matter, as to the victims of Tiny Vorhees… they are real enough. Happy Halloween.


Length: 19 min
Price: 17.99