(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Kat Van Wilder and Faith make some rockin’ entrances to the mat room as if they’ve just shredded up a show and come face to face. They indulge in a fair bit of trash talk before getting more feisty over the title. SK is there to break it up and lay the ground rules for their title match and they soon get to scrapping.

The ladies circle the mats and feel each other out before tying up. Kat shoves Faint to the wall and blasts her with belly shots. Faith is tossed to the other wall and Kat follows up with a running wall splash that drops her. A camel clutch arches Faith backwards in agonizing fashion. Kat lifts Faith up and sends her crashing back downward for a stunner. With Faith dazed, Kat swarms in from the rear and applies a sleeperhold that takes a whimpering Faith out. Kat gets the first fall with a 10-count single leg hook pin and removes Faith’s boots as her first reward.

The ladies assume a neutral position and Faith gets the rude awakening that Kat inserted a stripping clause to the match for each fall. Faith isn’t too pleased as she lunges for Kat with ill intent. As they wrap up, Faith takes the lead with a knee to Kat’s gut, then returns the flurry of belly punches. A snapmare lays Kat out and Faith pursues with a rear bodyscissor alongside menacing taunting. A leg nelson stretches Kat harder, then Faith uses her positioning to knock cat out with some rough face fucker slams. A belly stomp jars Kat awake then Faith drops her with an eat defeet KO. A 10-count matchbook pin scores a fall, victory pose, and Kat’s stripped boots.

With the ladies tied up, they enter a test of strength that seems evenly matched until Kat breaks it up with a low blow to Faith. Kat’s cunt punishment continues with crotch punches, a snapmare, and consecutive groin stomps. Kat then pulls Faith’s shirt up and wraps it around her throat for a drooling KO, then removes her pants before scoring a 10-count 2 leg hook pin. With Faith left in her bikini, she grows even more ferocious as she sweeps Kat off her feet in the following round. A high-angle boston crab contorts Kat out of shape, then Faith yanks her t-shirt off. The shirt is then wrapped around Kat’s airways, snuffing her out with a smother hold and leaving her open to have her pants stripped. Faith ensures the fall will count by taking Kat out with a tussling sleeperhold, then scores another fall with a 10-count leg locking matchbook pin.

With both girls down to nearly nothing, they pull out all of the stops as the next round starts with a double bearhug. They intensely squeeze till they’re both putty in each other’s arms and a double KO occurs from both their efforts. The rockers then beat SK’s double count out and Faith goes for a reverse headscissor. Kat counters with a reverse headscissor of her own and the beauties choke each other out. SK’s double count is successful this time and they reset to a neutral start.

Kat skips the count of the following round as she traps Faith with a full nelson. She then transitions to a cobra clutch as she aims for Faith’s throat for another knockout. Kat grabs a chair from the back and smashes Faith with clanging shots. Faith is stood up for a steel chair ram, however Faith evades and stuns Kat with a kick to the ribs. Faith gets hold of the chair and sends it crashing across Kat’s face for a KO. Faith follows up by choking Kat with the chair leg as she sits on top. Faith gets the final fall as she scores a 10-count facesitting single leg hook pin and poses over the defeated Kat with the title belt.

Belly punching
Running wall splash KO
Camel clutch
Sleeperhold KOs
10-count single leg hook pins
Rear bodyscissor
Leg nelson
Face fucker KO
Eat defeet KO
10-count matchbook pin
Test of strength
Low blow
Groin punches
Groin stomps
Shirt choke KO
10-count double leg hook pin
Double leg takedown
High-angle boston crab
Shirt smother KO
10-count leg locking matchbook pin
Double bearhug KO
Double reverse headscissor KO
Full nelson
Cobra clutch KO
Chair shots KOs
Sitting chair choke KO
10-count single leg hook w/ facesitting pin
Victory poses
Trash talk
Limb checks


Length: 27 min
Price: 27.99