(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We fade into Rock-C warming up in the mat room in cute gear as she’s been challenged by a mystery opponent that’s looking to make a name for herself. SK enters to chop it up with Rock-C as she’s working out the kinks when a sudden surprise attack results in a steel chair to her back. Rock-C clutches herself in pain as Mia pops off in her spicy leopard-print one piece. Mia seeks to make an example of Rock-C as she makes her place known in the ranks and proceeds to handle Rock-C by chucking her into the wall. Mia strolls up to a dazed Rock and lays into her with stiff belly punches that double her over and get her lips fluttering.Rock-C staggers forward with the wind driven out of her and Mia gets ahold of her. A snap DDT plunges Rock-C into the steel chair face first and she ricochets back into a KO

Mia flattens Rock-C out and tears into her midsection with running belly splashes from the corner. With Rock-C knocked out, she barely budges and Mia gets the green light to perform a 20-count schoolgirl pin as she flexes on top of a twitching Rock-C. With the first fall, Mia takes a moment to appeal to the camera and announces her relief from jobber status. She goes to lift Rock-C for more punishment and the momentum shifts as Rock-C hits a surprise throat thrust. Mia hits the wall coughing and gurgling, which opens her up to Rock’s impactful running wall splashes.

A punchdrunk stumbles forward and ends up trapped in Rock-C’s tongan death grip putting crushing pressure on her trachea. Mia taps on Rock-C in a pained panic, but Rock-C isn’t so easy to let up. She goes out on her feet and Rock-C stirs her up before putting her down with a chokeslam KO. The leggy beauty uses her attribute to deliver sharp leg drops across Mia’s jugular, leaving her in spread eagle with each smash. Soon the nerve damage kicks in Mia expresses the pain nonverbally through light spasms and scrunching toes while knocked out.

A loud shout brings Mia from rest and in her befuddled state she takes Rock-C’s bait, ending up in a lifting bearhug. Rock-C sets a wide base, putting on a constricting squeeze causing Mia to exhale and moan in fatigue. Rock-C keeps tightening, keeping Mia on the edge of a KO and emitting lip-fluttering exhales. Eventually she goes out and Rock-C puts her away with a jumping DDT. When flipped over, Mia expels drool and twitches, so Rock-C secures the fall with a 20-count half-mounted leg hook pin. Rock lifts Mia to deal more damage but the scales tip in Mia’s favor as she delivers a hard low blow. Rock-C hits her knees clutching her vitals and a big boot to the back sprawls Rock-C out on her stomach. Mia softens Rock-C up with stomps then picks her up to deliver a swinging neckbreaker.

Mia lifts Rock-C again who attempts to shake the dizziness, but ends up bound in Mia’s strength-depleting mandible claw. Rock-C lasts as long as she can, slowly being lowered to the mats as she shrieks from the leeching hold before ending up on her back. Mia’s sharp nails dig into her pressure point, squeezing down as she forces squirms, twitches, and writhing from her taller opponent. Rock-C taps furiously for Mia to release, but Mia keeps memory of the death grip she endured earlier. The squeeze continues, making Rock-C stiffen up in spread eagle with toe curls until passing out, then when the deed is done, Mia performs a 20-count half-mounted leg hook pin of her own. Mia hits a flexing win pose over a sprawled Rock-C while delivering some trash talk, then leaves Rock-C softly spasm from the sapping submission.

Chair shot
Belly punching
Snap DDT to chair KO
Running belly splashes KO
10-count reverse schoolgirl pin w/ flexing
Trash talk
Throat thrust
Running wall splashes
Tongan death grip KO
Chokeslam KO
Seated leg drops KO
Lifting bearhug KO
Jumping DDT KO
20-count half-mounted leg hook pins
Low blow
Spinal kick KO
Swinging neckbreaker
Prolonged mandible claw KO
Victory pose
Denied tap outs
Trash talk
Twitching / convulsion


Length: 17 min
Price: 16.99