(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The trailblazing Laynie Luck is set to go vs. the new, yet super talented Heather Monroe in a no holds barred most falls match. There’s little to say as the ladies are pumped to get grappling and they circle the mats as they feel each other out. A tie up results in Laynie getting the edge with knees to Heather’s stomach. Laynie tosses Heather into the wall for a hard collision followed by a jumping belly splash to squish the air from her. Heather staggers forward and is caught from the rear with a sleeperhold. Heather hotels on as best she can but Laynie has her number, putting her body into a lax state before dropping her as a heap on the mats. Laynie then picks Heather up and rattles her from her nap before applying another sleeperhold and using the leverage to choke out her defenseless foe. A limb check spells the end for Heather as Laynie lines up a jumping belly splash and gets the first fall with a 10-count single leg hook pin and win pose.

In the next round, Laynie goes for a running lariat that’s evaded by Heather and countered with a sleeperhold of her own. Laynie flails in a tizzy, but it’s not match for Heather’s grasp as she tuckers out into a daze and is dropped to the mats like a sack. Heather agitates Laynie to a stand, then cleans her clock with a jumping codebreaker slam. Laynie keeps her footing, but not for long as an eat defeet ricochets her into a KO. Heather’s running leg drop smashes into Laynie’s trachea for good measure and secures the fall with a 10-count double leg hook pin preceding a victory pose.

Laynie’s pissed and it shows as she kicks the next round off by whipping around doubling Heather over with a kick to the midsection followed by a stunner. Laynie turns up by lifting Heather to her feet and scrambling her brains with superkick after superkick. Heather toughs it out as she endures the sweet chin music, but her jaw is no match for Laynie’s thrusting heels. With Heather completely out of it, Laynie folds her into a matchbook for a 10-count and poses with her boot on top as Heather remains folded.

Laynie maintains aggression in the next round as she locks in a sleeperhold on a lackadaisical Heather. This time Heather fights out by dropping to her knees with a jawbreaker, then throwing Laynie into the wall to lay into her midsection with various strikes. Shoulders, knees, punches, and claws catch Laynie’s belly before she’s tossed into the opposing wall and stunned with a running splash. Laynie flounders forward, granting Heather the green light for a belly kick into x-factor KO. Heather chastises Laynie for jumping the gun, then proceeds to punish her with more x-factor KOs that lay her out on the mats. Her final big KO comes with a heart punch that splays Laynie out with her belly open for Heather’s incoming belly splash. With Laynie out cold, Heather folds her into a 10-count matchbook pin.

Laynie’s foul play continues as she starts the next scuffle out with a thumb to Heather’s eyes. Laynie proceeds with a pair of lifting vertical suplexes to weaken her opposition, then sends her head first into the mats with a snap DDT KO. Laynie wants to ensure the deed is done and delivers another smashing snap DDT drop Heather senseless. A double temple drill cuts into Heather’s mental in painstaking fashion until the agony sends her into a comatose, drooling, and twitchy state. With Heather finished, Laynie flips her into a matchbook pin for a 10-count then poses over her juddering form with dominant flair.

Laynie simply doesn’t let up as she skips the count and beats into Heather’s back with double axe handle blows. Laynie delivers a range of attacks to Heather’s ribs before pulling her to the center for a high impact slam. Heather reverses the potential piledriver with a low blow to Laynie, then capitalizes on her rocked opposition with a tombstone piledriver KO of her own. Despite Laynie helplessly twitching from the KO, Heather delivers another one that sends Laynie into involuntary jerking before sitting on her waist for a relaxing 10-count pin. Heather then stands over Laynie with a flexing win pose as the winner of this fall.

With the time count reaching its limit and the ladies neck and neck, they pull out all the stops as they quick draw against each other with roundhouse kicks for a double KO. Completely zonked, they lean against each other as they resist gravity, but they can’t hold out as they topple into a KO’d body pile. Laynie recollects herself first and executes a swinging neckbreaker in a faltering Heather. Laynie goes for the cover and Heather kicks out, sending Laynie into a rage. She lifts Heather for what looks like a potential x-factor, but belly punches free Heather from her clutches. A DDT sprawls Laynie out on the mats, which gets Heather to desperately go for a cover that Laynie kicks from. Heather goes for a piledriver, but Laynie reverses with a hammerlock to groin kick, then punishes Heather with a tombstone piledriver KO. A follow-up sleeperhold takes Heather out of the game as she has nothing left to combat it and she succumbs to Laynie’s 10-count pin. Laynie celebrates with heavy fatigue as she emerges victorious from going the distance with Heather.

Knees to belly
Wall splashes
Sleeperhold KOs
Seated sleeperhold KO
Belly splash KOs
10-count single leg hook pin
Eat defeet KO
Running leg drop KO
10-count double leg hook pin
Superkick party KO
10-count matchbook pins
Matchbook victory pose
Assorted belly strikes
X-factor KOs
Heart punch KO w/ spit take
Eye rake
Vertical suplexes
Snap DDT KOs
Double temple drill KO w/ drool take
Double ax handles to back
Low blow
Tombstone piledriver KOs
10-count sit-on pin
Face kick double KO
Swinging neckbreaker
Hammerlock groin kick
10-count body cover pin
Body pile
Limb checks
Victory poses


Length: 25 min
Price: 25.99