(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Two legendary wrestlers and visitors of SKW come together for a specially themed match for the occasion. The amorous Andrea and toned Tomiko hold the hat in excitement as it contains a roulette of specialized moves to take their opponent out with. It becomes a competition of who can put the other in a deeper sleep through a series of strong squeezes to the point where conventional means of awakening aren’t effective. Tomiko draws the classic and favored sleeperhold and the ladies position for the intense set of constrictions.

Tomiko locks Andrea in a seated sleeperhold, applying daunting pressure to the vulnerable trachea of Andrea. Andrea stirs around in the submission, stunted by Tomiko’s bicep cutting her oxygen. The well-executed chokehold takes Andrea out causing her to make jarring convulsions. Limb checks spell the KO and fondling brings Andrea back. A 2nd sleeper is applied, forcing Andrea into jolting stirs as she bears Tomiko’s strength. She holds on as long as she can, lightly snoring and moaning as the cut oxygen sends her out. The 2nd KO is counted and Andrea awakens in a perturbed daze.

Tomiko’s 3rd sleeper is cinched and Andrea is sent into a flailing desperation. Tomiko steals her wind once again, slumping Andrea in her lap, then indulging in limp play to force her awake via self-stimulation. Andrea can barely catch her breath before the next sleeperhold is applied and she’s rendered powerless in Tomiko’s clutch. The gropes and faceplay don’t seem to be waking Andrea, so Tomiko resorts to belly splashes to revive the defeated domme, but she remains completely out cold. The decisive knockout leads to a 10-count single leg hook pin, a 4-knockout lead, and a chest-sitting win pose for Tomiko.

Andrea finally recovers from the trachea terrorizing that Tomiko inflicted and the girls get back to the hat. It’s time for Tomiko to pick her poison and to Andrea’s fortune it’s time for the scissorholds to shine. Andrea hovers in excitement and Tomiko lowers to the mats. The first hold applied is the classic reverse headscissor and the knockout power in Andrea’s thighs becomes very apparent. Tomiko’s surprising resilience shows forth as she withstands the squeezing glutes, but goes out in consecutive soft gurgles. The KO is proved through the limb checks and Andrea tingles Tomiko for more. Tomiko can barely get it together before she’s wrapped by Andrea’s bulging quads again, squeezed in a reverse figure-four headscissor. Her fingers press into Andrea’s fleshy thighs and her spreading toes express just how difficult it is to cope with Andrea’s power. A hard twist sends Tomiko to dreamland and Andrea sensually sprawls out on her victim for a successful limb check.

More titillating tingles get Tomiko to come to and she dreads the incoming rear headscissor. Tomiko holds on as best she can, but the pumping legs of the domme cuts the air too deeply and it’s night night. A playful and teasing limb check confirms the KO, but the geisha manages to awaken again showing just how tough she is. Andrea then mixes her offense up with a rib-crushing side bodyscissor that tears into Tomiko’s midsection. Tomiko’s feet curl back as she makes excruciating gurgles while enduring Andrea’s might. She conks out as nearly every iota of energy is squeezed out of her and she’s counted out again.

Tomiko is shocked awake as she awakens from the core-crushing submission. The ladies are tied for KOs and Andrea is happy to keep going as she’s ready to take Tomiko out. A side headscissor is clamped onto the neck of Tomiko whose already waning energy is evident in how Andrea makes quick work of her. Laid out and comatose is Tomiko as she can’t find consciousness and Andrea proves it through a set of belly splashes. A 10-count single leg hook pin is applied to Tomiko and despite technically losing the match, Andrea is proud to be dominantly posing as the last girl left standing.

Sleeperhold KOs
Belly splashes KOs
Instant replay
10-count single leg hook pins
Victory poses
Reverse headscissor KO
Reverse figure-four headscissor KO
Rear headscissor KO
Bodyscissor KO
Side headscissor KO
Limb checks
Limp play
Nip slips


Length: 22 min
Price: 21.99