(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


In this 2-part storyline custom, the lovely Fantasy starts off against her very own pupil, the lovely and talented Stephanie Star! This is a one fall/No-DQ match, and once we’re off it’s apparent that young Stephanie is truly a natural…trapping her mentor in a vicious armlock and slamming various blows into her belly. A slap to the face follows…leading to what appears to be one HELL of an implant DDT KO! Stephanie goes for the pin, but Fantasy manages to kick out at the very last second. Enraged, the pro veteran slams a fist into Steph’s gut as she’s hauled up by her newly-raven hair, doubling the rookie over. This leads to stomps and a brutal belly buster for the blonde newcomer, marking the beginning of a VERY one-sided and angry squash! Fantasy annihilates the youngster with her favorite holds and tactics, including belly stomps/knees/punches, snapmares, multiple suplexes, a standing vertical suplex, surfboard, belly splashes, belly claw, multiple piledriver KO, legdrops, torture rack, X-FACTOR KO, running snapmares, Widow’s Peak KO, sleeper hold KO, and a final POWER BOMB that flattens Stephanie…leaving her completely open to a 10 count pin! As Fantasy counts, however, Stephanie’s close friend (and fellow pro student) CANDY LANE attacks, nailing Fantasy with a boot to the skull! The two rookies team up and grab their trainer, putting her OUT with a double spiked DDT! Stephanie hooks the leg as Candy counts the victory pin, leaving Fantasy to be posed on by the very girls she’s training…


Fade to several days later… The lovely Candy Lane is being interviewed about her interference in Fantasy’s previous match when the angry pro attacks from behind, jumping on Candy’s back and securing a tight sleeper hold that slowly sends the brunette rookie to dreamland. Now it’s Candy’s turn to feel Fantasy’s wrath as the brutal pro unleashes HELL on the inexperienced wrestler’s body. Included in this squash are: sleeper KO, brutal stomps, multiple belly blows, snapmares, suplexes, chinlock, surfboard, piledriver KO, false pin attempt, stunner KO, multiple belly splashes, bearhug, fisherman’s neckbreaker, enzuigirl kick KO, implant DDT KO, and a final X-FACTOR KO that seems to end it for Candy. Fantasy goes for a victory pin, only to have Stephanie Star suddenly attack! This time Fantasy’s ready for the duo’s treachery, nailing both wrestlers with a clothesline and picking Stephanie up for a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver KO! A completely fired-up Fantasy grabs the barely conscious Candy by the hair, picking her up in a piledriver and spiking her right next to her buddy’s napping body. Candy collapses across Stephanie in an accidental splash that leaves them both unconscious and piled up for Fantasy’s final pin count. One well-deserved victory pose later and our pro superstar leaves the room, allowing the camera to fade out on the heap of jobbers left to sleep it off on the mats.

Length: 22 min, 42 sec

Price: $17.99