Talk about EPIC!!!


We have taken two separate clips and combined them into one massive storyline spanning two action-packed matches featuring some of your fave SKW visitors…and a beloved SKW veteran! We start off innocently enough with a 10 count KOs battle between Jenelle Sinclair and Kara Kildare. The two exchange a few armlocks and chain tactics, but when Kara reverses an armbar and nails a brutal stunner KO, the twitching Jenelle turns into a jobber ragdoll. What follows is vintage 80′s style squash wrestling, with Kara taking Jenelle out repeatedly with a barrage of holds and knockouts, never going for the pin that could come so easily a mere 3 minutes into the match!


Among the tortures Jenelle endures are: Armlocks, elbows to the head, stunner KO, multiple belly splashes, belly stomps, chokeslam KO, backstretch, heart punch KO, bearhug KO, sleeper hold KO, false pin, tombstone piledriver KO, multiple wall splash KO, spine buster KO, and more… But as Kara finishes her final pin count, we see the lovely Helena run in and attack, slapping a sleeper on Kara that wears the more powerful wrestler down to the mats. The sleeper does its job, knocking the heel out cold as Helena gives a satisfied grin.


After waking up her Jenelle it becomes obvious that these two are close friends…the kind that know when to interrupt a particularly brutal match. We fade out on a KO’ed Kara…but this story has only just begun… Fade in to a few hours later, as Kara squares off against Helena, who has foolishly accepted a revenge challenge for the same kind of match! As soon as the battle begins it seems Helena may just have the advantage as she slams Kara into the wall, pummeling her stomach with several blows before snap-maring her onto the mats! As Helena picks her up, however, the bigger heel delivers a vicious belly blow that leads to a tight-as-a-vise BEARHUG! Soon enough, Helena succumbs to the brutal squeeze, passing out and leaving herself open to a barrage of tactics that make Jenelle’s beatdown seem like a tickle-fest! Included are: Multiple belly splashes, heart punch KO, sleeper hold KO, headbutts, belly slaps, knees to the gut, belly claw, double legdrop, stunner KO, full weight sitdown splash, chokeslam KO, wallsplash KO, piledriver KO, spinebuster KO, and more…
As Kara claims her second pin, we get a sense of deja vu as this time JENELLE attacks, battering Kara as she finishes counting her victory on Helena. This time, however, Kara is ready for the handicap onslaught, slamming an elbow into Jenelle’s gut and TOMBSTONE piledriving her into oblivion! To add insult to injury (and to claim vengeance, of course) Kara then picks up a groggy Helena and proceeds to piledrive her right next to Jenelle’s body, allowing the suddenly KO’ed veteran to come splashing down on her best friend! Needless to say, it’s curtains for both bikini-clad jobbers as Kara takes her victory pose, spewing venom at the duo that dared challenge her!

Length: 21 min, 11 sec

Price: $18.99