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We fade in on a nervous Monroe, talking to the camera about how she so frustrated with being a jobber girl and is looking for someone to help her get seriously better in her matches. Just than the one and only Kristie Etzold enters the mat room. The two share a hug and Kristie tells Monroe that she’s willing to help her with her training. Monroe turns back to the camera to express her excitement, but just as soon as Monroe turns her back Kristie KOs her with a neck pinch. Kristie then explains she only planned to use Monroe as a training dummy. And that is exactly what she’s does. What follows is a merciless one sided destruction where Monroe is barely conscious at best, while Kristie runs her though a shopping list of moves. Almost all of them ending with Monroe out cold. She often twitching or drooling with her tongue. Kristie also makes sure to pin her victim multiple times throughout the match just for good measure.

Neck pinch
OTS carrying
Belly punches
Face punches
Punches to the back of the head
Bear hug
Head vice
Bicep choke out
Double nerve pinch
Tongue protrusion
Sitting butt splashes
Sitting suffocation KO
Matchbook accordion KO
Steam roller
Belly stomps
Wall splashes
Belly splashes
Defibrillator belly presses
Leg drops, front and back
Temple drill
Multiple Sleeper holds
Multiple chair shots to the head
Foam drooling
Reverse figure four head scissors
Spladle pin
AOH bondage

Finally, after 47 minutes of pure heel vs jobber squashing and Kristie scoring one final pins she reveals that she’s got a special place for the poor jobber girl. We soon find out that special place is outside the SKW compound, where we find Monroe tied to a tree, with a note written on her belly, a note for Anne-Marie. We see that Anne receives a cell phone video sent from Kristie where she makes Monroe plead for Anne to come save her, before Kristie KOs her again. Anne-Marie is clearly pissed by what she’s seen and plans to come to her friend’s rescue…

To be continued…

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Length: 53 min
Price: 39.99