(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Across the mats stand the two competitors, Sensei Faith in her gi and intellectual frames as Paisley poses in her golden bikini and knee-high socks. It’s sprung up on Paisley that they will be partaking in a sparring match, but she’s having none of it. Paisley is ready to do damage and Faith is happy to make her wish come true. Faith strikes a powerful stance meanwhile all Paisley can see is a deer in the headlights and the match sets off.

Paisley charges into a grounded Faith, who flips her world upside down with a rib-shattering palm to the chest that shocks her to the core, sending her into convulsions as she stands before collapsing to the mats. Paisley’s body is riddled with massive convulsions, drooling, and eye rolling from Faith’s potent blow. After a while of suffering, Paisley finally collects herself after such a frustrating predicament. She charges Faith again only to have her punches swiftly parried and to suffer a clamp to her neck that incites more abundant drooling, convulsions, and eye rolls. Paisley hits the mats again, flopping like a fish out of water as the nerve pinch works its magic. After a long stint of spasming, Paisley regains her senses. Her stubbornness doesn’t match her vitality as she’s eager to take her shot once more.

Paisley rushes Faith once more with a series of strikes that are blocked with ease. Faith forces the spent Paisley to the center of the mats and tears her midsection up with rapid fists that thud off of her stomach. A finishing heart punch sends Paisley into a gurgling and convulsing mess that melts backwards to the mats. Faith compliments Paisley on her over-the-top reactions to her lethal technique and giggles as Paisley lies destroyed at her feet. To free Paisley from her agony, Faith sits on top of her and delivers another mighty heart punch that freezes Paisley’s wild motions for the time being. The brief respite is cut short as Faith administers a double jab to Paisley’s carotid artery that restarts the spasms. Faith continues to deal damage by sitting Paisley up and digging into her with a long two-sided temple drill making Paisley wildly flail as the drool continues to pour.

With Paisley completely out of it and on her knees, Faith performs another critical strike in the form of a nerve punch to the back of Paisley’s neck. The helpless flailing doesn’t stop and Paisley drops to her face, endlessly flopping from the dreadful maneuver. With Paisley down and out, Faith performs a strip tease as she exposes her two-piece bikini. Paisley is then brought to her feet and choked to nothingness by the belt of Faith’s gi. More strong convulsions ensue and Faith decides to show her knowledge of pressure points by driving Paisley in and out of consciousness with pressure points to her sole. The anguish is ramped as Faith performs the squeezes to both of Paisley’s soles knocking her out and giving her a break from the riddling twitches.

Faith’s pain train keeps on by lifting Paisley up and trapping her in a skullcrusher submission. Rivers of drool drizzle from Paisley and she drops to her knees. More squeezing leads to Paisley lying face down, ass up, and convulsing from the vexing hold. Faith goes for a win pose, but soon remembers she has a bag of weapons that perfectly fit the occasion. Faith wakes Paisley and puts her under the trance of the hypnosis wand. Paisley is zonked into being Faith’s submissive little doll and ends up a convulsing heap at the end of Faith’s countdown. Faith grabs a knife from the bag and executes a slow and potent throat slit to Paisley. A second knife is procured and Paisley’s finished with a double neck stab that lays her out on her face, sprawled and spasming. Faith teases with spanking before moving onto the next knockout.

The seemingly harmless chopsticks are drawn from the bag and embrace Paisley with a more precise double neck stab for more wild convulsions, gurgling, and drooling. Paisley’s left spread eagle and jolting as she unconsciously awaits Faith’s next finish. A number of double belly stabs by the chopsticks shock Paisley upward and take her out at the same time. With Paisley sprawled out, Faith climbs on top and performs a double neck stab that transforms the salivating jobber into a frothy heap. To add insult to injury, Faith delivers a shocking heart punch to rattle Paisley’s core once more and she’s left to vigorously convulse until all that’s left are jolting twitches.

Palm strike to chest KO
Nerve pinch w/ drooling KO
Rapid belly punches
Heart punch KO
Double jab to the carotid artery KO
Double temple drill w/ spit take KOs
Neck nerve punch KO
Belt choke KO
Pressure point sole squeeze KOs
Double pressure point sole squeeze KO
Skullcrusher w/ spit take KO
Hypnosis wand w/ spit take KO
Throat slit
Double neck stab KO
Double chopstick neck stab KO
Double chopstick belly stabs KO
Mounted double chopstick neck stab w/ frothing KO
Trachea punch KO
Tongue protrusion
Excess eye rolling
Derri “air” KO pose
Victory pose
Gi strip
Limp play
Nip slips
Powerful convulsions
Trash talk
Excess drooling


Length: 35 min
Price: 24.99