(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Decked out in her fresh white Gi, Irene Silver channels her zen and stretches in the mat room. She warms up with high angle kicks and is abruptly interrupted by pro grappler, Laynie Luck. It’s instant tension as the two don’t hit it off, arguing about who has rights to the room. They start taking digs at each other’s fighting styles and Laynie pops off with a whiffed lariat. Irene punishes her with a marvelous crescent kick that floors the wrestler. A dirty kick to the face cleans Laynie’s clock and she’s out cold.

Irene ponders what technique she’ll introduce Laynie to next. A judo arm flip throw deals Laynie some whiplash and Irene swoops in with a sleeperhold. Laynie flails and grips, trying to break free of the hold, but tuckers into a sleepy heap. The sudden pain of an armbar jars her awake and desperate to escape. Irene offers mercy as she lets go, but stands her up for more brutality. Back to the wall, Laynie eats blow after blow to the gut that sends her lurching forward. A second arm flip throw sends her barreling into the opposing wall and ripe for more belly punishment. Irene’s talented legs penalize Laynie with snapping kicks to the midsection. Irene finishes the sequence off with a beautiful one-inch punch to Laynie’s core that sends her toppling for a KO.

Strolling about the mats and unimpressed with Laynie’s endurance, she sits her up for more. A double neck chop crosses Laynie’s shoulder blades for a spit take KO and Irene gets in position for something vicious. Laynie awakens dumbfounded as she’s fastened into a vice-like von flue choke. Irene twists and squeezes putting Laynie down with the nasty submission. Irene’s offense continues with a double nerve pinch causing Laynie to shriek in pain. Eventually Laynie goes numb as her senses dull, resulting in a drooling ragdoll. Irene grants her the chance to recover, but catches her off guard with a triangle choke. Laynie garners enough strength to perform a powerbomb mid-hold, but Irene retains her grip. The asphyxiation takes its toll on the wrestler and she gasses out in Irene’s clutches.

Tired from the laborious submission she goes back to strikes as she guides Laynie to her knees. Laynie withstands numerous knees and kicks to the face until she flounders facedown. Irene secures the knockout with a savage axe kick to the face turning Laynie to a twitchy mass. Irene forces her to her feet and gets to work with zapping Laynie’s pressure points. Irene’s strikes leave her stiff and immobile as she molds her like an action figure. A double neck chop puts her lights out, but the after effects allow her to remain standing. A stiff punch to the core rocks Laynie awake and hunches her forward. Irene lands her coup de grace with a rapid flurry of pressure point strikes to Laynie’s body that result in a delayed knockout preceded by drool. Irene covers her convulsing opponent, locking in a single leg hook pin for the 10 count and goes back to limbering up.

Laynie finds consciousness with nothing but bad intention and fastens a sleeperhold to Irene’s neck. She falls victim to the tight squeeze and ends up stripped of her gi’s top half. Laynie pursues with a slam into the wall followed by assorted strikes to the midsection. Laynie slams her into the opposite side and combos into a wall splash that lays Irene out. Laynie then yoinks the pants off her competition and opts for embarrassment by choking the judoka with her own belt. Laynie ends up choking the drool out of her and leaves her face down in her own mess. Next she performs a tight gag, straining Irene’s neck even further. A fishman’s neckbreaker leaves Irene writhing in pain as her back collides with the mads. A snapping DDT plants Irene headfirst for KO and Laynie gets her mits on the belt again.

Wrapping the belt around Irene’s neck, Laynie slings her across the mats, leaving her in a daze and open for a set of flying snapmares. Laynie exhibits her technique with a snap suplex that exhausts her foe. A tombstone sends Irene skullfirst into the mats for another knockout and Laynie delivers again with a small package piledriver. To REALLY put her out of commission, Laynie gets hold of a chair and slams it across Irene’s face for good measure. She hooks the leg for the pin and scores a 10 count, claiming the W for professional wrestling. Weary from a tiring bout, Laynie gives SK a call about her uninvited guest but is rudely interrupted as Irene finds the strength to jam a chopstick into her pressure points. Laynie convulses as she grows debilitated, eventually drooling up a stream and being finished off with a neck snap. Irene gets her cute quips off against a spent Laynie as we fade from the clash of styles.

Crescent kick
Face kick KO
Arm flip throws
Sleeperhold KO
Belly strikes
Flamingo belly kicks
One-inch belly punch KO w/ spit take
Double neck chops KO w/ spit take
Von Flue choke KO
Double shoulder pinch KO
Triangle choke KO
Assorted face kicks KO
Axe kick KO
Pressure point jabs
Double neck chop KO
Rapid finger jabs KO
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Seated sleeperhold KO
Gi strip
Wall splash KO
White belt choke KO
White belt gagging
Fisherman’s neckbreaker
Snapping DDT
White belt neck tosses
Flying snapmares KO
Snap suplex KO
Tombstone piledriver KO
Small package piledriver KO
Chair shots KO
Chopstick pressure point drills
Neck snap KO
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Length: 28 min
Price: 26.99