(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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As SK is busy in the mat room going over future projects, Ama Rio pops into the mat room inquiring about SK and his knack for creating jobbers. With SK constantly making examples of the SKW roster, Ama is looking to take him out as she believes she’s up for the challenge. They organize the match and the two split up to prepare. They return to kick off a no holds barred, no DQ match and begin with a test of strength.

Ama sets things off with foul play as a low blow drops SK and she wraps him into a frontal headscissor. She squeezes away, taking him out before flipping him over and mounting him for a frontal schoolgirl pin. Ama’s razor tongue stings as she has harsh words for SK then rudely taps him awake with foot slaps to the face. While SK is attempting to shake the cobwebs, she mounts for a reverse headscissor, then transitions to a reverse figure-four headscissor to gradually choke him out. In heel fashion, she plants her feet on his face while flexing as she’s in complete control.

SK awakens and Ama uses a reverse schoolgirl pin while holding his arms down to choke him out. Another foot-to-face win pose signifies another fall for Ama and she uses her fancy feet o again to take him out with a waist-sitting feet smother. Belly stomps rock SK awake as her shit talk continues and she assumes dominance with a foot choke. SK wildly taps, but she continues smushing till he’s out cold. SK hits another win pose by sitting on top of SK and placing a foot on his face while flexing.

Ama’s mean streak shows as she berates SK further and lifts him for more punishment. SK battles out with a belly shot to Ama, then encases her in a sleeperhold. A feisty Ama fights as best as she can and is nearly taken out before SK eases up. SK presses Ama against the wall and pounds her belly with thudding shots while giving her a piece of his mind. Ama hits the mats on all fours and SK delivers lifting punts to Ama’s stomach that lay her out. He proceeds with more hand-bound belly punching and lifts her to the wall for a series of belly kicks.

Ama slumps against the wall with her midriff blazing red, then SK uses a heart punch to put her down. A belly stomp brings Ama from her slumber, then SK shows his rashness with a number of groin stomps. Ama is spun around and SK performs a hair pull by standing on her locks. More belly punches tear into Ama’s midsection, then he uses an iron claw to squeeze her into a convulsing sleep. SK gets a 5-count double leg hook pin for his efforts and continues onward.

Belly claws tear into Ama’s stomach, then he shifts around to lock her feet for a double thigh claw submission. SK lies beside her bounding her hands then delivers more heavy belly punches. Ama suffers a 5-count single leg hook pin and SK places her against the wall for more. A nerve pinch to the shoulder knocks Ama out then she’s lifted for an OTS carry with a hint of limp play. SK then delivers a 5-count foot smother pin and takes her out with one. Another 5-count single leg hook pin ups the score for SK.

A belly shot awakens Ama and SK mounts her for a double jab to carotid artery submission that puts her to bed for a 5-count mounting double leg hook pin. SK poses over a defeated Ama again and stirs her awake with a belly stomp. A frontal headscissor is locked on Ama and she’s choked to sleep. SK transitions to a 5-count schoolgirl pin that widens the score gap and he lifts her for more punishment. Belly punches tear into Ama as she’s against the wall, then he uses a nerve pinch from the rear to soften her up. A sleeperhold is locked in and that she can barely resist, then she ends up enduring a 5-count leg locking matchbook pin with belly punching. SK toys with her fallen figure until she manages to come to and her tone is a bit more respectful. As a reward for SK’s victory, Ama gives him foot worship session

Test of strength
Groin kick
Frontal headscissor KOs
Frontal schoolgirl pin
Reverse headscissor
Reverse figure-four headscissor KO
Reverse schoolgirl pin KO
Waist-sitting feet smother KO
Belly stomps
Foot choke KO
Sleeperhold KOs
Belly punching
Stomach kicks
Hand-bound belly punches
Belly kicks
Heart punch KO
Groin stomps
Hair-standing arm pull
5-count Mounting matchbook pins
Iron claw KO
5-count double leg hook pin
Two-handed belly claw
Thigh claws
5-count single leg hook pins
Nerve pinch KOs
Over-the-shoulder carry
Foot smother KO
Double jab to carotid artery KO
5-count leg locking matchbook pin w/ belly punching
Foot worship
Victory poses
Limp play
Trash talk


Length: 42 min
Price: 40.99