As Serena interviews a respectful Sleeperkid about his upcoming match against Angelina, the lovely Latin challenger mocks him as he anticipates a “friendly” match with an old “friend”. As SK continues his praise, the newly arrogant Angelina decides to go for a sneak attack, one that leads to a suddenly angry SK delivering a belly blow retaliation and a sudden torture rack backbreaker that leaves Angelina pleading for mercy! What was supposed to be a match between old buddies becomes a vicious one-sided destruction as SK delivers belly stomps, an over the knee backbreaker/belly claw combo, a fishook camel clutch, boston crab, bearhug, ab stretch, dragon sleeper, and a BRUTAL piledriver that leaves Angelina sleeping on the mats. Just to make SURE the girl’s not playing possum, however, SK proceeds to waker her up for a devastating PEDIGREE finisher that leaves her out and open to a leg-hook 3 count pin! As he prepares to leave, SK remembers her treachery and decides to add insult to injury as he revives her for yet ANOTHER PEDIGREE KO!

Length: 8 min, 49 sec

Price: $6.99