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Talking behind someone’s back?  Not cool, and Helena plans to get revenge of a gaggle of gossipy SKW Wrestlers for bad mouthing her and treating her like an outsider.  She concocts her plan and tricks the girls into believing she’s just a ref for their upcoming matches, only to blindside them before they have a chance to put up a fight.  Samantha Grace is Axe Handled to the back, thrown into a hard Head Scissors, wails as she endures a Bow String Stretch and a cruel Camel Clutch.  Apologies come too late for her, as Helena ups the ante, throwing her into a Figure Four Leglock, then delivers crushing Belly Kicks and finally takes her out with a Sleeper Hold, Knocking Out Samantha for a 10 Count Pin.  Diana Knight is up next, and likewise is being tricked into stretching before being Axe Handled to the back before being put into a squeezing Head Scissors and crushing Body Scissors.  Diana is hauled into a crushing Bearhug, but manages to break free with a dastardly Eye Rake.  Seeking retribution, she applies her own Head Scissors and Body Scissors to Helena, but Helena manages to power out, turning the tide with a Jumping Brain Buster, then slapping Diana into a crushing Head Scissors.  The Defiant Diva finally fades out and Helena Picks up a Five Count Pin, giving us a victory pose to end the match.  Cali Logan is then brought in and is waylaid with a stomp to the back of the head before Helena crushes her with a Bearhug.  Then applied a Seated Surfboard stretch.  Helena continues to deliver the punishment, ramming Cali’s head into the mat before slapping her into a brutal Figure Four Leglock, then into a fireman’s carry Racking.  Dropped to the mat the hard way, Cali has only a moment to collect herself before Helena delivers a devastating Punch for the Knockout and Five Count Pin.  Finally, all three competitors are pulled back out onto the mat to endure another round of Sleeper Holds.

 One Piece Swimsuits
Head Scissors
Body Scissors
Tombstone Pile Drivers
Pile Drivers
Camel Clutch
Brain Buster
10 Count Pin
5 Count Pin
Victory Pose


Length: 15 mins

Price: 11.99