(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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At each end of the room, Peyton and Faith and limbering and loosening up for an absolutely exhilarating round of fisticuffs to the death. They meet in the middle with snake tongues and quick quips as the tension builds in the air. Their talk ends as their palms slap with a loud *CLAP* and a test of strength ensues. They press forward and position as they try to get one up over the other. Their war of attrition is broken when Faith baits Peyton into a knee to the stomach and jumps into a guillotine choke, wearing Peyton down to the mats where they tussle for the advantage.

Faith uses luscious thighs to crush Peytons ribs as she writhes around to escape. Faith twists sideways slamming Peyton to the mats and applying the hold even deeper. Loud breaths and grunts fill their air as they exert everything they have. Peyton is able to break the old as she catches Faith with 3 hard belly punches. As Faith nurses her ribs, Peyton pounces and locks her into a sleeperhold. Their legs get tangled as they jostle for the advantage and Peyton tightens the chokehold. Faith begins to foam at the mouth, but fights out with a choking grip to Peyton’s open neck. The two reach out and squeeze at each other’s necks as they remain tangled. When they seemingly break it up, the grappling continues and Faith mounts Peyton as she applies a frontal sleeperhold. Peyton struggles as she’s squished and squeezed and the two share cutting remarks again. A rake to the eyes causes Faith to release the submission and Peyton finally gets a breather.

As Faith clutches her face in distress, Peyton takes her chance with a standing headscissor that gradually goes to the mats. Faith is able to liberate herself from the scissor and repays her foe with a handstand headscissor that wears on her throat. She converts to a sleeperhold as Peyton is reeling, causing her to grow slightly more faint. Peyton disentangles herself with another eye rake, which frustrates Faith further. Peyton ensnares Faith with a headlock that soon becomes a reverse guillotine choke. The foam slowly starts to form in Faith’s mouth as Peyton crams on her throat and she returns fire with a chokehold of her own. Peyton releases as she’s overwhelmed with a need for air and the two finally get a small break from the fight. Faith keeps the heat turned up as she springs onto Peyton with a mounted choke as she sits on her waist. Peyton slowly wanes and she tries to sunder out by breaking the chokehold, and Faith counters with a headbutt. With Peyton stunned, she suffers a forearm choke that Faith presses deep into her neck till she gurgles. Their intense straining is cut short when Peyton claws at Faith’s face and she gets a second wind.

Peyton gets on top of a wounded Faith and twists her around for a constricting triangle choke. Faith kicks around as she squeals. The foam forms in her mouth as Peyton drains her vitality. Faith digs deep to muster the strength to pull Peyton up by her top and mush her face to burst from the hold. She applies an inverted body scissor that rips into Peyton’s sides. Peyton battles back with her own body scissor and the two enter another power struggle to test each other’s depths. Peyton flips their catball over and strengthens her pressure with a figure four squeeze to Faith’s midsection, which makes both release their holds. Faith uses her position to capture Peyton in a figure four headscissor, burying her face in her snatch. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Peyton bites into Faith’s pussy, immediately relinquishing the hold as Faith cries out, then Peyton goes on the offensive.

Peyton gets atop a suffering Faith and wraps her ankles around Faith’s neck and sits for a creative submission hold. Faith gurgles and spews as strength is sapped beneath Peytons weight. It’s nearly the end of the gorgeous warrior, but again she finds the might to power out and saves herself. Peyton doesn’t let her go that easily as she strongarms Faith to the wall and strains with a two-handed choke that tests Faith’s resolve again. The saliva bubbles and seeps from Faith’s mouth as her consciousness is nearly gone. Peyton happens to play it a bit too safe as she gets in close, granting Faith the opportunity to strike back with her own two-handed choke and a knee to the groin. She then wraps Peyton up in a second guillotine choke that exhausts her down to the mats. She twists her around for a sleeper and Peyton thrashes around, intensely trying to slip away once more. The foam overcomes the smaller beauty and she grows submissive, realizing this could be the end. Despite her inability to get the words out, Faith gets the message and continues the savage squeeze as she’s committed to the cause. Peyton moans, grunts and writhes around faintly as she no longer has the strength for combat. Her requests for mercy are ignored and Faith finishes the deed, strangling her out for the count.

To finalize their match, Faith sits Peyton up and admires her adversary before a crunching neck snap puts her out of commission for good. Peyton’s limbs flop in utter defeat and Faith plants a foot into her stomach, boasting in confidence. A final pan sees Peyton splayed about the mats and Faith flexing above her as the war between the twosome finally closes out.

Test of strength
Guillotine chokes
Body scissor
Belly punching
Leg locking sleeperhold
Leg locking double choke
Frontal sleeperhold
Eye rakes
Rear headscissor
Handstand headscissor
Reverse guillotine choke
Mounted choke
Forearm choke
Triangle choke
Foaming / drooling
Double body scissors
Figure four headscissor
Crotch bite
Ankle neckscissor
Two-handed choke
Knee to groin
Neck snap KO
Pleading / begging
Victory pose
Instant replay
Alternate takes

Length: 19 min
Price: 18.99