(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

FIGHT BOTS: part twelve


The future is upon us. Two stunning “bodyguard fembots”, developed by the most sophisticated engineers in the SKW universe, stand patiently awaiting their orders. These animatronic fighting machines are modeled after the exact likeness of two of SKW’s most popular and beautiful wrestlers, Caroline Pierce and Monroe. Do these deadly fight bots change the game? Are human bodyguards no longer required? We’ll see…

The test begins with the two fembots standing off in fighting positions as the Monroe bot strikes, throwing the first punch. Unfortunately for her, Caroline catches the punch easily, sends two kicks to Monroe’s stomach and expertly spins her to the floor. As if possessed, Caroline bot quickly wraps an arm around the throat of Monroe in a sleeperhold, wrenching it tight like an anaconda twisting around its prey. Monroe’s eyes open wide, her tongue juts out just a bit as she chokes and gasps for air. The grip continues to tighten, as the fight in the mechanical guard slows, her eyes roll back, her hands drop to her side and eventually the fembot falls limp, completely out. Caroline bot adds a neck break for good measure. Round one is over, Caroline Pierce bot’s victory is assessed and judged only for her to be shut down with an eye roll knockout of her own, falling on top of her unconscious competitor, see you at the next round.

After modifications were made to the fembots, round two starts immediately as Caroline Pierce wraps her arms around Monroe in a compressing bearhug and easily lifts her opponent off the ground. In what seems like increasingly grim odds, with her lungs being relieved of their air, Monroe musters the strength to dizzy Caroline Pierce bot with a ferocious headbutt that sends the mechanical opponent stumbling backwards. Now Monroe seizes her chance and sends brutal kicks to her opponent’s face knocking her out completely. She is instructed to make sure her opponent is completely finished and leaves her with a final neck break, before the SKW engineer turns Monroe bot off and sends her tumbling limp to the ground.

The next round starts like a clash of lightning as both fighters turn to try and get the upper hand, simultaneously kicking one another in the face. The proverbial stars whirl around the heads of both fighters, as they drop to their knees; slow to recuperate. However… Caroline Pierce’s eyes drop down and see an opportunity to strike Monroe’s vulnerable neck as she reaches out and clamps her hands around the windpipe of Monroe. Not to be outdone, Monroe quickly returns the favor and twists her fingers around her opponent’s throat. Both fighters squeeze mightily, crushing the windpipe of their opponent, choking, gasping and eyes wide in horror as they fight the incipient blackness soon to come. Eventually both fighters pass out from the lack of oxygen, and lean unconscious against one another. A tie.

After the first few rounds we are offered a rare opportunity to view the “stealth trials” where both fighters’ ability to conduct and rebuff sneak attacks are meticulously measured. We are treated to knife attacks, handgags, rope strangulations, neck breaks, gun duels, sword fights, and other gorgeous perilous situations that our fembot bodyguards must suffer through… for our enjoyment obviously.

The SKW engineer has seen enough. He wants to test their mettle once and for all. Brandishing a sword, he sneaks up behind them as they both hold their guns in a ready position, and just as they turn around and point their guns at him, he swings the sword across their bellies dropping them to their knees in agonizing pain. A brief lecture ensues as the engineer gives his final pontifications of what it means to be a bodyguard before he slowly slides the sword across the revealed throats of the two fembots, sending them tumbling forward unconscious and defeated. There will obviously be more changes forthcoming to the fembot program, as these results are inconclusive at best.


Length: 24 min

Price: 21.99