(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

FIGHT BOTS: part thirteen

Fembots, Karly Salinas, Indica Jane, and Ella Matrix stand at the ready, adorned in one-piece suits and gear. SK presents his deadly femmes and organizes for them to test their skills against one another in a series of scenarios and free-for-all combat. After their duel they’ll be free to wreak the havoc of their intended design. The fembots sound off with a resounding “yes sir” and the violence ensues.

Indica and Karly stand guard presenting Ella with the golden opportunity to go in. They suffer from crunching nerve pinches to the shoulders that debilitate them to the mats. Ella follows-up with a sleeperhold to Karly as Indica lies helpless and weakly reaching out. Karly pleads to be freed but gasses out in the tight submission, then she’s finished with a neck snap KO. The vulnerable Indica receives the same treatment as she’s locked in a tight sleeper. She begs for Ella to ease up, but goes out in the same vein. A neck snap KO sees her sprawled on the mats and victim to Ella’s victory pose.

In the next round Indica and Ella keep watch as it’s Karly’s turn to inflict some pain. A sneaky, yet precise punch to the spine leaves Ella frozen in fear and paralysis. Indica’s at a loss to Karly’s stealthy approach as she attempts to diagnose what’s up with her cohort. She ends up treating Ella like her own personal doll as Ella’s completely lost control of her limbs, then ends up in the same predicament as Karly administers the same blow to her. Karly reveals herself to be assailant and poses the girls into defenseless stances. Punches to the face clean their clocks before Karly approaches from the rear. The pair are put down with double neck chop into neck snap combos and left as twitchy masses on the ground. Concluding neck snaps put the fembots out of commission and Karly heads off to her next destination.

Indica finally gets her due diligence as it’s her turn to put in work. A shoulder tap to each alerts the sentries to her presence and she taunts them into whiffing haymakers. Indica easily slips them and deals out massive uppercuts that leave them punchdrunk. A second dose of uppercuts lays them out, ripe for picking. Indica tops each doll off with a standing twisting neck snap KO and win pose.

The girls stand front and center and SK intrudes on their fun. The ladies withstand a chloroform mist to the face and end up staggering heaps as they try to keep their footing. They lean against one another to stay upward but end up on their knees. A second mist to each topples them face down, ass up, and comatose. One by one SK puts the girls to rest with neck snaps and they’re left as a trio of derri “aired” dames.

Ella’s back in the driver seat and takes advantage of the unaware sentires with a silenced pistol. Shots to the necks stun the pair of beauties and Ella circles around to plant shots to their center masses. They collapse to their knees weak and woozy and Ella drops them with shots to the neck. The feeble fembots are eliminated with sets of triple taps to ensure they’re out. Ella checks their pulses, then blows the tip of her smoking barrel as she triumphantly poses.

Karly’s next turn sees her sneak in with a pair of tasers that are applied to the necks of the unknowing Indica and Ella. They wildly convulse before their legs give way and crumble into a body pile. Karly presses the taser to Ella’s rear and the shock is conducted to both fallen babes. Karly then turns off the safety and places it beneath the sleepy fembots. They’re left convulsing as they’re filled with volts to the point of gurgling and drooling from the lethal shock, then pass out.

Ella ups the ante against her adversaries from long range as she integrates a sniper rifle in coming round. Indica catches a shot to the neck leaving her befuddled in a world of hurt. Ella goes for the kill as a second shot flattens her prey into spread eagle. She carries out the contract with more consecutive shots that leave Indica out for the count in an eye-rolled tongue-protruding heap. Karly ends up in Ella’s reticle next as she’s spotted taking a break from her duties. A bullet to the chest pops Karly’s phone out of her hand and she reels in a daze. Follow-up shots lay her out and make her jerk in grief from the large caliber weapon. Her eyes glaze over as her tongue slips out, confirming the KO.

Their session of smackdowns reaches a close and the trio heads to the hot tub to unwind, however SK isn’t done with the ladies just yet. As they’re busy gossipping, he spikes the pool with an unknown substance and disappears without a trace. Gradually the ladies begin to feel woozy and make an effort to exit the tub, but their bodies give way as they’re sedated into sleepy states, dozing at the tub’s edge.

An alternative ending sees SK menacingly approach the girls with an electrified stun baton. They enter a tizzy as they realize they’re exposed and at his mercy. He activates and dips the baton into the bubbly pool, electrocuting the threesome to leave them floating and face up. With such grueling training it goes without doubt that their future enemies will endure heavily punishing techniques.

Dual nerve pinch KO
Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Paralyzing spine punches
Double neck chops
Uppercut KOs
Standing twisting neck snap KOs
Chloroform spray KOs
Triple tap KOs
Dual taser KOs
Sniper rifle KOs
Hot tub poison KOs
Hot tub stun baton KOs
Body pile
Tongue protrusion
Derri “air” KO poses
Victory poses
Limb checks
Instant replays
Alternate takes


Length: 25 min
Price: 22.99