(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

FIGHT BOTS: part ten

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Kim Chi and Ella are Femmebots in this fantasy scenario, wearing matching racer suits with thong backs, standing stoically as they await their mistress’s orders.  In walks Scorpion, who is impressed with the lifelike appearance and texture of her bots.  She demonstrates their articulation with some posing, manipulating their arms, voicing her admiration for German engineering.  She then introduces herself as one of the most highly trained assassins on the planet, and offers to demonstrate her abilities on the Femmebots.
With a snap of her fingers she orders them to attack, and they rush her from behind, but she elbows them both in the belly before flipping them down to the mat, making the twin androids roll on the floor.  Stalking from behind she targets the Ella-bot and grabs it by the head, violently twisting with powerful arms, snapping its neck and sending it sprawling to the ground. She then likewise sidles up behind the Kim Chi-bot, similarly grabbing it by the head and wrenching it around until its neck snaps, eliminating its responsiveness. Proud of herself, she lets you know how domineering she can be before striking a victory pose over her fallen androids.
Next she has her bots standing to each side, commanding them to attack her with another snap of the fingers.  They rush her in unison trying to bearhug her, but the powerful beauty seems unaffected by their efforts, throwing them off with a swing of her arms.  She then lunges onto the Ella-bot, wrapping its head in a brutal sleeper hold, cutting off its electronic currents until its mind begins to shut down, its eyes rolling slowly into the back of her head.  Kim Chi-bot can only whimper helplessly as she watches her compatriot eliminated, then outright begs as Scorpion wraps her head in a vice-like head scissors, making its legs thrash as she violently struggles, her eyes crossing as she gasps and writhes.  With a wrenching of her hips, Scorpion then snaps its neck, silencing it and making it go still.  Returning to the Ella-bot, she drags it to its feet by the hair, then grips it into a reverse dragon sleeper hold, making it sputter and struggle helplessly, its tongue rolling out of its mouth as its eyes flutter trying to remain conscious.  With a wrenching drop, Scorpion snaps its neck before lifting it over her shoulder, carrying it over to its fellow android and depositing it onto the prone bot. Planting a booted foot on the Kim Chi-bot, Scorpion strikes another victory pose, dominant and mocking.
Next she places the woozy bots side by side, wobbling unsteadily on their feet in unison.  With a double punch to the face, she sends them crashing to the ground, their assed prominently lifted into the air, ripe for a smack to waken first the Kim Chi-bot.  Scorpion then grabs it by the head and wickedly snaps its neck, making it thrash and spasm before going still.  Another swat to the ass wakes the Ella-bot, who it similarly dragged back by the hair, and receives its own neck-snapping head wrench.  With both bots sprawled, Scorpion drags them over one another, planting her foot over them both and striking a pose.
The dominance continues as Scorpion has the bots attack her with knives, deflecting Kim Chi-bot’s swing and wrenching the knife around in its grip and plunging it into its belly.  The android drops to the floor, clutching its wound, as Scorpion crouches behind it, mocking it before she slashes it across the throat, making it clutch at its throat desperately, before plunging the knife into the back of its neck, making it spasm and twitch, its ass high in the air.  Making from for the Ella-bot, she then commands an attack, easily avoiding the overhead knife plunge, disarming the femmebot before lifting it into a crushing bearhug, squeezing it and making it thrash helplessly before stabbing it in the back and dropping it to the ground.  One last plunge of the knife into its belly and a slash across the throat eliminates the threat entirely.  Victorious yet again, Scorpion flexes to show her power.
Next the weary bots are set to stand, their tongue and eyes rolling as they wobble on unsteady feet. Grabbing them by the arms, Scorpion flips them down to the mat, sprawling them side by side.  After dragging them closer to one another, she forces them into sitting positions, the bots swaying comatosely, before Scorpion grips them by the neck, sinking her claws into reflex relays, making the bots twitch and drool helplessly, spasming until they collapse. Not finished yet, Scorpion places clawed hands over their throats, disrupting their synapses and making the androids spasm and thrash as their systems fry. At last they go still, and Scorpion indulges in some more posing over her fallen property
Next she has the femmebots armed with swords, commanding them to attack her.  They rush her, but she rolls out of the way, making them run each other through with the weapons.  As they collapse to the ground, grunting and wincing in pain. She pries the weapons from their bodies as they writhe against each other, moaning in pain.  Scorpion places them beside each other, drawing a single sword across both of their throats, making them fall back sprawling.  The perfect position for her to plunge the sword through each other their bellies, twisting the blade through their circuitry. After checking their pulse, Scorpion flexes and poses, reveling in her victory.
Next Scorpion places them beside each other, still comatose and defeated, wrapping cords around their necks and strangling them both, their tongues flopping as they drool and sputter, helplessly thrashing as she wrenches harder, pushing against their backs for extra leverage. Their eyes bug and roll before they finally fall back, going still.
Lastly she has the twin bots hunt her, armed with pistols.  Angry from having been “killed’ so many times, they seek revenge, but Scorpion gets the drop on them from behind with and automatic rifle, dropping them to the ground, mocking them as she stands over them, using one of their pistols to shoot them each in the belly and head, ending them one final time.

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Two On One
Sleeper holds
Neck snaps
eye rolling
eye crossing
nerve attacks
reverse dragon sleeper
gun play
head scissors


Length: 28 min
Price: 23.99