(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

FIGHT BOTS: part nine

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In this fantasy custom, Miriya is sending a demo reel to The Syndicate, looking to show off her skills as an assassin against a pair of Femmebots, one blonde, the other brunette, that she designed herself. After delivering her pitch/threat, she instructs the bots to attack her, confidently keeping her back to them.

The bots rush in, grabbing for Miriya’s hair, but she swings to back handed punches into their bellies, winding them, before grabbing their wrists and flipping them to the floor. As they sprawl stunned, Miriya swoops in behind the blonde bot, delivering a sharp chop to her neck leaving it stunned and wobbling on her butt, giving her a chance to rush the brunette and slip a sleeper hold around its neck.  The bot struggles and thrashes, gasping for breath as its partner rocks back and forth dazedly, eyes crossed and rolling.  Before long the struggles weaken and its eyes roll into the back of its head.  For good measure Miriya snaps its neck brutally, letting the bot crash to the floor, knocked out.  She then swoops back over the blonde, grabbing her wobbling head and slapping another sleeper hold as the blonde’s eyes cross and roll, thrashing weakly in Miriya’s grip.  When its lights finally fade out, Miriya treats it to another neck-snapping head twist and the unconscious bot slumps to the floor, incapacitated. With victory pose, Miriya gives a smug grin, standing tall over the downed duo.

In the next round, Miriya has the Femmebots attack from the sides. As they rush in, Miriya spins herself, firing a punch into the belly of the brunette as her leg fires a kick into the belly of the blonde, stunning them with catlike quickness, Miriya lunges for the brunette, whipping her across the room, crashing belly-to-belly into its blonde counterpart. Eyes cross as air explodes from their lungs, but Miriya is on top of them in a heartbeat, spinning them against the wall as their tongues flops out of their mouth, delivering brutal belly shots that make both bots jump and gasp together! Over and over her fist buries itself in the belly of one, forceful enough to affect both, before she releases them to crash down to the floor on top of one another, their rolling eyes fluttering shut.  Quickly she snaps their necks one after the other, leaving them lifeless and still before celebrating her flawless victory over their stacked bodies with a victory pose and a smile.

The next round opens with the bots already wobbly on their feet, heads and eyes rolling as Miriya grabs them and pulls them crashing into each other. The bots stumble and stagger, their eyes crossed before Miriya delivers brutal face punches, alternating between the blonde and the brunette, leaving one wobbling on its feet as she works over the other. Brutal uppercuts send each bot crashing to the mat, catatonic but still conscious, eyes fluttering. Miriya swoops in and delivers a series of final blows to their faces, making the eyes bulge and cross before ending them with decisive neck snaps, leaving them prone and twitching before they go still.  Time for another victory pose!

In the next round, the bots are now armed with swords. They rush Miriya, but the ruthless redhead dispatches them with a single sword stroke of her own, slicing them across their bellies. They collapse to their knees, clutching at their injuries as Miriya stalks them from behind. With cruel efficiency she slices first one, then the other, across the neck, leaving them to collapse to the ground after sputtering out a final breath. After checking their pulse, she stabs them each through the back until they go completely still.

In the next test, the bots are armed with knives as Miriya stays confidently weaponless.  They rush her in unison, but she’s able to catch their knife thrusts in the air, redirecting the force and making the bots plunge knives into each other’s chests.  Gasping for breath, the hapless Femmebots collapse to their knees, clutching at their injuries, eyes rolling dazedly as they wobble in place. Miriya scoops up a dropped knife and slides behind the blonde, plunging the knife into its shoulder, making it spasm violently before collapsing to the ground, its butt high in the air. She then pounces on the brunette, placing the blade near its neck and driving it deep. The bot folds over like its blonde twin, butt high up as Miriya plants a booted foot on it, posing confidently with the knife.

In the next round, the Femmebots are armed with handguns, searching for Miriya and vowing to end her. Unfortunately for the rambling robots, Miriya gets the drop on them, laying down a sheet of fire with her own automatic. The bots crash to the ground, writhing in agony as Miriya stands over them. She forces them to beg for it to end as they thrash in pain, each bot pleading with her. Pressing the barrel of a silenced handgun to their chests, she delivers a triple-tap, making them spasm violently, their eyes bulging and rolling before they at last collapse into stillness. With a smug grin to the camera, Miriya, stands tall over them, claiming the demonstration to be complete

Stay tuned for an alternate opening scene!

Two on One
Belly Punching
Knife Play
Neck Slicing
Gun Play
Sleeper Holds
Neck Snapping
Neck Chopping
Belly Kicking
Face Punching
Eye Rolling
Eye Bulging
Eye Crossing
Face Down Butt Up


Length: 17 min
Price: 14.99