(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

FIGHT BOTS: part fourteen

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Fembots, Ella Matrix, and Sassy Kae, lie utterly spent in a face down ass up body pile with their eyes lifelessly fluttering. We go back to see what transpired that left the babes drained and senseless. Kae winds up trapped in Ella’s seated sleeperhold, twisting and jerking as she attempts to slip her grasp. Kae resists to the very end, softly protesting against Ella’s power, but goes limp from the pixie’s chokehold. Ella’s limb check confirms the knockout and Ella ups the ante with a neck snap KO that forces Kae into seizing convulsions. Ella then ends the suffering a second neck snap that sends Kae’s midriff shooting into the air and slapping back to the mats with a thud, leaving her ripe for Ella’s toe-grinding win pose.

The next instance sees Ella wearing Kae down to the mats from a standing sleeper, but Kae battles back with elbows to Ella’s ribs, then transitions into an arm flip throw that slams Ella to the mats. With Ella dazed, Kae gets in nice and snug with her own sleeperhold sending Ella into wild writhing as she feels her consciousness slipping. Ella goes limp giving Kae the greenlight to apply a neck snap that sends powerful convulsions throughout Ella’s body. Kae lays Ella out on the mats and gets revenge with a second neck snap that thrusts Ella’s belly to the skies, then she fizzles out and lifelessly splats to the mats. A pulse check spells the end of Ella and Kae poses over her with a returned foot to the midsection as she flexes.

Kae ends up standing guard and something picks at her sixth sense causing her to divert her attention away from her blind spot. Ella sneaks up and locks in a hard nerve pinch instantly sending Kae’s sopping tongue from her mouth and her eyes rolling back. Kae’s legs buckle and she drops to her rear in a complete daze, which leaves her open for Ella’s neck snap and its following convulsions. A second neck snap emits a submissive death cry from Kae and lays her out granting Ella the opportunity for a pleasing win pose.

The coming round finds Ella as a trapped and gurgling mess in Kae’s rear figure-four headscissor. Ella goes out without much fight and Kae dials up the damage by arching her body upward, cranking harder on Ella’s neck for a loud snap and a spread-eagled KO. Kae strikes a dainty win pose over the fallen Ella.

Ella gets her just desserts as we fade into her flexing in a reverse mount on top of a comatose and twitchy Kae. Ella then applies huge pressure to Kae’s midsection with constant and consecutive slamming split splashes. Kae lurches forward, loudly exhaling as Ella happily drives her juicy pelvis into Kae’s unguarded ribs. Kae lies helplessly, getting pound after pound slammed into her till her moans become air pushing through her pursed lips. Ella gets hold of a tranquilizer pistol and ensures that Kae is out with shots to the stomach and a final one to the neck leaving Kae in an empty gaze with her tongue dangling.

With Ella placed on sentry duty, Kae is the assailant that sneaks up on her with a knife and pounces. Before Ella can react the blade glides across her neck dropping her to a seated position. To finish the job, Kae reveals a second knife and plunges it into Ella’s chest for a convulsion-inducing KO. However, she isn’t finished as she crams the blade into the top of Ella’s head for a more fatal KO. To fully carry out the contract she crams the blade into Ella’s chest as she lies sprawled, then flexes beside her fallen foe.

Kae ends up on guard duty next and Ella’s stealth comes into play as she blasts Kae in the back of her neck with a silenced pistol that expels a spit take, rolling eyes, and a drop to the knees. The drool continues to seep and Ella plants another shot into the side of Kae’s neck dropping her into a derri “air” pose. A succeeding triple tap to Kae’s neck makes her violently jerk and Ella flips her over for punishment. Ella empties most of the magazine into Kae’s belly button to produce more violent jerks, then plants the final shot into the top of Kae’s head for a gurgling KO. A pulse check confirms its lights out for Kae and Ella poses over her finished adversary.

The dolls come face to face wielding claymores and ready to go to battle. They dive in, crossing swords and come hilt to hilt as they test each other’s strength. A boot to the midsection pushes Ella to the wall behind her and the girl’s enter stances once more. They lunge forward driving their blades into one another and they both end up face down in derri “air” poses, choking as they desperately cling to consciousness. They both succumb to their injuries as their blades point into the air.

It’s your turn to intercept as you catch both sentries off guard and unarmed as they detect you near the entrance. You handily put them down with a spray of your SMG, dropping them into a twitchy pair. The girls beg to be put out of their misery and you grant their wishes with silenced pistol shots to the chest. Kae’s tough spirit persists till the end as you silence her rebellion with the handgun. They remain unresponsive to your limb checks, finally spelling the end of the sentries and their arduous trials. As a sweet sendoff the sentries are placed in a variety of spicy and alluring KO’d body piles as they lie insensible with fluttering eyelids.

Seated sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Instant replays
Limb checks
Pulse checks
Arm flip throw
Nerve pinch KO
Rear figure-four headscissor KO
Rear headscissor neck snap KO
Excess reverse split splashes KO
Tranquilizer pistol KOs
Throat slit
Chest stab KOs
Head stab KO
Headshot KO
Sword battle
Sword stab double KO
Neck shot w/ spit take
Dual machine gun spray KO
Victory poses
Derri “air” KO pose
Tongue protrusion
Fluttering eyelids
Eye rolling
Various body piles


Length: 22 min
Price: 21.99