FIGHT BOTS: part four

THE COLLECTOR is back…and this time he’s created a pair of fem bots designed to test THE MACHINE’s skills!  The bots (played by AJ Sparks and Kayla Lael) give it their very best, but The Machine’s power is too much for them to handle!  He takes them apart one by one…and then destroys them after they attack simultaneously.  He leaves them in a bodypile as The Collector’s right hand woman (Jacquelyn Velvets, who adds commentary) congratulates him on a job well done!


Knees to the belly
belly blows against the wall
snap mare
body scissors
skull f*cker mega KO
body slams
sleeper hold KOs
twitching / convulsing
wall splashes
ceiling hold / sleeper KO
tombstone piledrivers
over the shoulder carries
test of strength
double handed eyerolling chokeout
bearhug KO
figure four leglock
double neck claw KO
double chokeout KO
body piles
multiple neck snaps
multiple face punches
armlock / face punch
face punch KO
uppercut KO
triangle choke / punches to the face KO
double wall belly punching
double uppercut
multiple face slams into partner’s belly
X-Factor onto partner’s belly double KO
forced head smash KOs
multiple finishing tombstone piledriver KOs
final double neck snap
body pile


Length: 31 min

Price: 24.99