FETCON FEMBOTS: volume two

The lovely KAYLA LAEL stars as a fembot SK creates as a personal bodyguard, but he FIRST has to see how she does against his own attacks!  Mostly shot from a POV angle, this amazing clip features the lovely Kayla doing what she does best: delivering astounding KO performances as her master shapes her up via a ton of knockouts and finishing moves.  In the end, we see the lovely Caroline Pierce make a cameo as a kidnapped human subject that fembot Kayla quickly destroys, much to her master’s satisfaction!!!


multiple KOs
tongue protrusion
derri “air” KOs
chloroforming KO
multiple blackjack strikes and KOs
neck snap finishers
convulsing / twitching
sleeping gas KO
HOM hand smother with glove
gloved hand chokeout KO
limb checks
multiple punches to the face
face punch KO
karate chop to the neck KO
kick to the face KO
sleeper hold KOs
rear choke KO
Fembot Kayla attacks Caroline with:
sleeper hold KO
belly punching
face punches
final neck snap KO
OTS (over the shoulder carry)



Length: 25 min

Price: 18.99

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