(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

FETCON FEMBOTS: volume four

In this newest addition to the FETCON FEMBOT series, we fade in on VIKA and newcomer RAQUEL ROPER starring as the two new fembot bodyguards that SK has ordered.  Obviously, as with any important purchase, he wants to make sure all their specifications and programming are intact (these things don’t come cheap you know)!  Through a series of several scenes the two fembots do battle, proving to be mostly evenly matched and capable “right out of the box”.  Still, SK gives each one a few tweaks to their programing and abilities between falls until they have proven to not only be well worth the money, but fully meeting SK’s high expectations! Satisfied with his purchase, SK powers down the two beauties and prepares to enjoy the rest of the convention as we fade to black.


MULTIPLE neck snap finishers (with sound effects)
Sleeperhold KO
Limp Limb checks
Body Punching
Mounted punching
Choke Slam KO
X Factor
Knees to the belly
Seated Sleeper Hold/Nerve Pinch Double KO
Reverse Headscissor
Dueling Reverse Headscissors Double KO
Double Neck Snap (with sound effect)
Outtakes/Alternate takes.


Length: 19 min

Price: 15.99