(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Reagan and Laynie Luck present to the camera hugged up and hyped about their affinity for scary movies. This one’s dedicated to the horror fans as the ladies look to set off a series of kills and KOs for the fright night buffs. The twosome take off and prepare as SK arranges the room for tonight’s presentation.

The action is kicked off with Laynie trapped in a sleeperhold, desperately trying to escape, but Reagan’s clutch is too deep. Laynie fades and the girls hit a sitting position where Reagan and squeeze even deeper. Laynie’s will remains strong as she protests against unconsciousness, however it’s too late. Reagan finishes the job with a neck snap that shoots powerful convulsions throughout Laynie’s body. Reagan’s puzzled at the result of her finisher and runs back a second neck snap that thrusts Laynie’s hips to the ceiling before sprawling out, vanquished. A pulse check indicates the end of Laynie and Reagan satisfactorily poses over her prey. Laynie gets payback by putting Reagan in a sleeperhold of her own. Reagan swings around, struggling to get free from the tight cinch, but Laynie brings her down to the mats to gain more leverage and put Reagan’s struggles to rest. Laynie’s sixth sense indicates Reagan isn’t done and she puts her out with a neck snap. Reagan is left spasming wildly leaving Laynie surprised at the move’s potency. A second neck snap stops the suffering and shoots Reagan’s hips into the air before her legs give in and her body splats to the mats. A pulse check and win pose grant Laynie the W for this encounter.

Reagan chucks Laynie to the wall and digs into her midsection with a fast barrage of belly blows. Reagan takes a dazed Laynie to the center of the mats and performs an impactful clutch against her throat, then rips outward for a fatal crunch, and a doomed Laynie. A blown kiss puts Laynie down, sprawling her out into twitches and Reagan looms in for a successful pulse check. Reagan puts a boot to the face as her win pose and flexes. Laynie gets her just desserts by slamming Reagan against the wall and tearing into her stomach with rapidfire punches. The two reposition, then Laynie delivers a sharp clutch to Reagan’s throat before tearing outward for a fatality against Reagan. A contactless kiss puts Reagan down for hasteful twitches before she goes still. A pulse check shows Reagan is done for and Laynie’s boot presses against her face for a victory pose.

A lifting bearhug compresses hard on Reagan’s ribs, then Laynie sets her down for a more powerful squeeze. A final cram squeezes a huge spit take from Reagan leaving her to hit the mats with the dead stare. Laynie respectfully closes her eyes, then hits a win pose over her victim. Reagan gets her just due by crunching tightly against a flailing Laynie and a hard scrunch projects the spit from Laynie for a knockout. Laynie hits the mats and spread eagle and Reagan brushes her eyes preceding a victory pose.

Reagan lulls around in a daze, begging for Laynie not to finish her, but receives a set of hard kicks to the jaw dropping her to her knees. Laynie now has her prey in prime position for a thrusting kick to the brain stem for a shooting spit take. Reagan senselessly drools as she’s already out on her knees, then her body follows suit as she folds into a derri “air” pose. A pulse check and victory pose give Laynie the fall. It’s Reagan’s turn to deliver and snapping kicks to the jaw puts Laynie on her knees with a numb expression. A mighty kick to Laynie’s brain stem enforces a spit take for a mess on Laynie’s face before she crumbles into a derri “air” pose. Reagan then gets her pulse check and win pose.

Laynie becomes the targeted sentry as Reagan creeps in from behind and lands a blackjack blow that sends Laynie to her knees. A second blow melts Laynie to a derri “air” pose. Reagan then acquires a hammer from a bag in the back and blasts Laynie in the back of the head for the knockout, springing her into the air only to hit the mats again, but with a blank stare. A pulse check and sweep over the eyes confirms the finish and Reagan hits a pose over her quarry. Reagan is then set to suffer a similar fate as Laynie is able to lay Reagan into a derri “air” pose with two strikes of the blackjack. Laynie gets her hands on that same hammer and smashes it into the back of Reagan’s skull for the coup de grace. A pulse check, eye sweep, and win pose grant Laynie her next fall.

Laynie’s back is to the wall with nowhere to go, leaving her to cop pleas as Reagan aims at her down the sights of a silenced pistol. A shot to the chest topples Laynie to the floor. A triple tap to the chest springs Laynie’s limbs upward from each shot, bringing her within an inch of her vitality. Reagan tops the deed off with a final headshot, then hits a pose over her fallen foe. Laynie’s getback comes similar as a pleading Reagan doesn’t stop a shot from entering her chest. Reagan sprawls out on the mats whimpering and is punished further with a triple tap to the chest that makes her body recoil. A headshot finishes the job and Laynie pridefully stands over her kill.

Reagan creeps behind a guarding Laynie with a garrote wire and tightens it across her neck. Laynie enters a fleeting panic as her life force is quickly drained. Reagan soon chokes Laynie into a tongue-protruding heap and still manages to feel a pulse. With the garrote wire still wrapped, she performs a neck snap that drops Laynie then hits a sassy victory pose after a pulse check. Laynie’s garrote wire choke does similar damage as she takes Reagan down to the mats with ease and squeezes her lifeless by the throat. Laynie rips at the wires, snapping Reagan’s throat with a twist for a guaranteed pulse check. Laynie then gets a boot-to-belly win pose for her efforts.

Laynie stands aloof, without a care in the world and it costs her as Reagan brings a serrated blade across her throat slowly. Laynie falls to her knees and is dropped into a derri “air” pose by a throat stab from a hidden knife. A second neck snap does Laynie in, giving Reagan the go for a pulse check and win pose. Laynie’s turn puts Reagan in the same predicament as a gradual throat slit brings Reagan to her knees. A throat stab curls her into a derri “air” pose and a second stab from a boot knife leaves her out for the count. Laynie then hits a boot-to-butt win pose after the execution.

Laynie and Reagan come face to face and the ladies begin talking spicy to each other. Laynie reveals a knife that happens to be laced with a deadly toxin and licks it in villainous fashion. Comically she realizes her mistake and passes out in an instant. Reagan gets hold of the knife and stabs Laynie in the neck resulting in a sharp hip thrust before sprawling out again. Reagan humorously takes a lick herself and suffers the same fate, passing out on top of Laynie.

The girls are on the hunt for one another, unable to determine the location of the other but soon tough backs. They warp around, stabbing each other with their stun batons for a rotating flow of volts through each other. Stunned, they drop their batons and misfortunately topple onto the electrified weapons, lighting themselves up further till the weapons have no more to give. SK lifts the heads of each girl, leading a torrent of drool to flow before mercifully flipping them over and checking their vitals.

SK enters the fray as the sentries are caught off guard by an intrusion and a hail of bullets from an SMG. The girls gyrate from the bullet rain, then hit the mats. A pleading Reagan is the first to go with a triple tap to the chest, then a headshot to finish. Laynie requests to be put out as well and is offed with a triple tap to the chest and a headshot. The unresponsiveness to following limb checks shows it’s game over for the ladies.

SK enters the room to later find the twosome wrapped up by their necks in a single garrote wire, back to back. The girls struggle and tug, only to inflict more pain and strangulation on each other and their time soon hits an end as they pass out with their sopping tongues dangling as they lean against each other. SK takes a quick break and comes back to see the potency of his handiwork. He delivers terminating throat stabs to the both of them, then sends them off with praises for their jaw-dropping exhibition.

Seated sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Rapidfire belly punching
Throat rips
Blown kiss KOs
Lifting bearhug
Bearhug w/ spit take KOs
Face kicks
Brain stem kick w/ spit take KO
Derri “air” KO poses
Blackjack KO
Hammer KO
Silenced pistol KOs
Triple tap KOs
Headshot KOs
Garrote wire choke KOs
Garrote wire neck snap KOs
Throat slits
Neck stab KOs
Self-poison KOs
Throat stab KOs
Body pile
Double stun rod KOs
SMG spray dual KOs
Double garrote wire choke KOs
Victory poses
Instant replay
Pulse checks
Tongue protrusion
First-person segment
Post-KO eye closing


Length: 30 min
Price: 29.99