(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Macy Nikole presents to the fans in a highly bubbly manner as she gets to fulfill a fantasy of being an absolutely brutalized jobber. The lucky lady who happens to be in charge of doing the damage is the juicy Mia Hope. Mia’s slight reluctance doesn’t get Macy to think twice as she bounces around ready for what’s coming her way. Mia leaves her soon-to-be victim to limber up as she goes to make the proper preparations, but on the way she clues us in on what’s in store for Macy.

We come back to the girls face to face and ready to go to battle with two massive claymores. They clash and trade swing after swing, but Mia gets the advantage with a kick to the stomach causing Macy to drop her blade. With Mia at a dual-wielding advantage she plunges both swords into Macy’s midsection causing her to seize up and drool before melting backwards. She convulses in anguish and Mia zeroes in for the kill as she takes one of the swords. A hard thrust to the neck shoots Macy’s body into the air as she continues convulsing, then splats to the mats with a thud. The drool floods from her mouth as her eyes roll back for the first KO. Mia plants a foot on her chest to display dominance as Macy helplessly twitches with her sopping tongue dangling.

In the next round Macy holds the advantage of a knife while Mia is barefisted. She dives forward with a two-handed plunge to Mia’s chest, but it’s blocked. The two wind up in a power struggle for control of the blade and Macy drives her advantage further by tripping Mia to the mats. Macy gets on top and tries again for another stab that gets blocked. Mia powers her way out of her predicament by reversing the stab to Macy’s core, leaving her to nurse her wound and crawl away for mercy. Mia stalks Macy then stands over her, getting a handful of hair and yanking her back for a gurgling throat slit. Macy goes limp and fades backward into sprawled out twitches as Mia circles her. To finish the job, Mia pulls her up and does her in with a head stab for more gurgling, saliva flow, and eye rolls. For good measure a stab through the jaw forces her into subtle twitches and Mia gets on top for a reverse schoolgirl victory pose.

Macy recovers but is still attempting to shake the cobwebs from Mia’s last knockout. She imposes her will on Macy with a two-handed choke that forces her against the wall. Mia squeezes the saliva from her foe as she causes eye-rolling torment. Macy’s tongue continues to spill as it hangs from her mouth and she eventually goes unconscious from Mia’s squeeze. Macy drops to the floor as Mia lets her go and heads around to deliver a number of neck snaps that leave her spread eagle and spasming. Mia gets the okay from a successful pulse check and claims Macy’s chest as her throne with a schoolgirl pin.

Macy’s placed against the wall in a daze begging for Mia to let up, but Mia insists on this being what she wanted. She goes in with furious fists to the stomach causing Macy to lurch forward from every blow. Mia goes harder by driving knees to her ribs, then goes to grab a poisoning concoction she made just for the occasion. Macy gets a serving through pipette and instantly begins drooling and seizing up from its effects. She collapses on the mats in a twitchy heap and Mia observes the deadly results before sitting Macy in her lap to administer more. Macy convulses wildly as the liquid courses through her system and the drool continues to flow. Mia checks her pulse to confirm the KO and steps around to pose victoriously with a foot to the groin.

Macy stands against the wall completely out of it as Mia runs the tranquilizer pistol along her body. She pleads with Mia to stop, but is met with shots to the belly. Macy slumps down to a sit and Mia puts the barrel in her mouth for a ruthless headshot. Macy secretes even more and Mia drags her to the center of the room. Standing over her she plugs her worn frame with dart after dart, leaving Macy sprawled with her tongue dangling. Mia finishes the deed with a 10-count matchbook pin and win pose over a destroyed Macy. Mia holds Macy up by the hair before dealing an impactful heart punch to her victim. Macy gargles saliva and flops backward into a KO. To make her dominance known she locks Macy up in a leglock matchbook pin and secures the 10-count. With Macy drenched in her own spittle, Mia places a foot on Macy’s face before proceeding to the next knockout.

Mia clutches Macy by the jaw as she sets up for the final KO. A massive right hook whips Macy around and onto a stool where the slobber keeps on. Mia yanks Macy by the hair, surprised that she’s still able to produce, then stands her up for more. She slams Macy face first into the mats and onto a live taser, filling her with an overabundance of volts. When the convulsions slow to a crawl, Mia adds insult to injury with a few head stomps to ensure she’s out. Macy left in a derri “air” pose giving Mia the window to deliver some playful spanks, then flips Macy onto her back. Macy convulses in complete defenselessness and begins to froth from the mouth as she can’t take anymore. Mia makes a statement by taking a sharpie and branding Macy as her overkilled jobber before striking another pose over her lifeless doll.

Sword stab KOs
Throat slit KO
Head stab
Neck stab KO
Two-handed choke KO
Neck snap KOs
Belly strikes
Poison KOs
Tranquilizer pistol KOs
Matchbook 10-count pin KO
Heart punch KO
Leglock matchbook 10-count pin
Right hook KO
Face slam to taser KO
Frothy drool
Derri “air” KO pose
Excess drooling
Eye rolling
Pulse checks
Tongue protrusion
Victory poses
Instant replays


Length: 22 min
Price: 21.99