(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


Upon returning back to the mat room we’re treated to the return of an SKW legend. Everyone’s favorite, Fantasy, is limbering up with stretches in anticipation of her match against her rival, Rock-C. SK makes an appearance to brief her about the upcoming match and quick maintenance that has to happen before her bout, then she continues her exercises. Rock-C enters the mat room, geared up and ready to grapple as she catches Fantasy looking ready as well. Fantasy attempts to break down what’s and why’s before parting to the dressing room, but Rock-C is having none of it. She takes command by gripping Fantasy by the hair and forcing her head between her legs. She makes it known she won’t stand for Fantasy’s disrespect and forces her into a piledriver-themed match before planting her skull-first into the mats to kick their scrap off ahead of schedule.

Rock-C wakes her twitchy rival, questioning her further about the match. Fantasy reels from the impactful slam as she tries to explain SK’s reminders, but Rock-C continues with her offense. A snapping DDT drives Fantasy into the mats head-first for another twitch-induced KO. Rock-C goes for a single-leg hook pin but cancels it in typical heel fashion. A dazed Fantasy tries to get through to Rock-C and ends up eating a fire thunder driver for her troubles. A spank stirs Fantasy awake and she pleads for Rock-C to stop, but suffers a sleeperhold from her ignorant assailant. She goes completely limp in Rock-C’s clutches before waning to the mats. Rock-C shoots for another single leg hook pin, but Fantasy conjures a magical “kick out”.

Fantasy tries once again to get through to Rock-C, but she’s dead set on having their match here and now. Fantasy makes a desperate attempt to crawl out of the mat room, but ends up mounted by her opponent. Rock-C transitions into a leg nelson to weaken Fantasy’s upper strength. Rock-C then lifts her to her feet for a jaw-rocking European uppercut. A second one flips Fantasy onto her stomach for a KO and more twitches. Rock-C straddles her for a bridging pin that Fantasy somehow “powers out” of. As Fantasy comes to she continues to go the pacifist route as Rock-C maintains her opposition. Fantasy collides into the mats via another piledriver and more taunting from Rock-C. Quick taps to her midsection awaken Fantasy and she writhes in pain. She’s dragged to her feet in a groggy state and suplexed across the mats. As Fantasy favors her back, Rock-C ogle’s at the sight of her feeble foe.

Rock-C sits Fantasy against the wall and sinks fists into her open belly. Fantasy’s legs buckle at Rock-C’s might and she concentrates her breathing as she keeps hold of her wits. A running splash squishes Fantasy’s petite frame and she lifelessly falls forward. Rock-C straddles her for another pin, but abruptly opts out as she isn’t done toying with her prey. Taking advantage of the convenient positioning, she squeezes Fantasy’s ribs and throat with a guillotine choke that puts her to sleep with ease. Rock-C’s inner heel continues to shine as she relinquishes a leg hook pin before the fall. More berating precedes a belly claw to shake Fantasy from her slumber. She feints a piledriver from Fantasy, then scoops her up then crashes to the mats with an air raid piledriver. Fantasy’s lit up with more twitching, but her nap is disturbed by a few smacks from Rock-C. A tombstone piledriver lays Fantasy out into convulsions and another pin, which mysteriously fails. A second tombstone piledriver drops Fantasy again as Rock-C doesn’t let up. The sequence is topped off with a kiss on the cheek before a twisting sister abigail slam that whiplashes Fantasy across the mats for a turbulent knockout.

A rude shout to the eardrum wakes Fantasy from her blackout and Rock-C continues to hound her. Another set of piledrivers leave Fantasy out cold and twitching and Rock-C gets motivated to dial up the nastiness. Fantasy suffers a tugging wedgie then endures a stump-pulling piledriver. As Rock-C hoists her up for more, Fantasy begs her to stop, but that only prompts Rock-C to deliver a small package piledriver to her faint foe. Fantasy is jarred awake and persists that they shouldn’t be wrestling, but gets dropped on her head once again. Rock-C has some fun with an Undertaker-styled 10-count pin with no chance of it scoring the fall. She recovers a loose eyelash from Fantasy that remains stuck to her face through the next piledriver.

Rock-C’s pain train continues as she relinquishes a straddling pin. Rock-C sets Fantasy up for a tombstone piledriver, but is interrupted by an irate SK who deals a powerful shot to her kidney. Rock-C goes weak in the knees, collapsing and slamming Fantasy in the process. Punishing her for her overly eager actions, SK constricts her with a sleeperhold that turns her into a gurgling mess before she passes out. She’s sat up and kicked in the chest for a rude awakening as Fantasy’s moved off to the side. Rock-C’s penalty proceeds with a tombstone piledriver that leaves her out for the count. A comatose Fantasy is dragged on top of her bully and SK counts the fall in her favor. Rock-C is then left sprawled and unconscious as SK carries Fantasy to the back. Maybe Rock-C will heed SK’s word with a bit more respect next time… Or maybe not?..

Piledriver KOs
Fire Thunder Driver KO
Sleeperhold KOs
Leg nelson
European uppercuts KO
Double leg hook straddle “pin”
Vertical suplex
Belly punching
Wall splash KO
Straddle “pin”
Guillotine choke KO
Single leg hook “pins”
Belly claw
Air raid crash Piledriver KO
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Sister abigail KO
Stump-puller piledriver KO
Small package piledriver KO
Undertaker 10-count “pin”
Ragdoll 10-count pin
Over-the-shoulder carry
Trash talk


Length: 26 min
Price: 24.99