(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We’re blessed to open up to the bodacious Bailey Paige in “the pose” and enthusiastic to throw down at SKW while putting her training to use. With her newfound courage she wants to up the ante and engage in a piledriver themed match with whoever is willing to accept. Her wishes are preemptively met as Jessie Belle looms in the background stealthy creeping up to the unsuspecting diva prepared to bring some piledriver punishment of her branding.

Jessie squats on Bailey’s back as she forces her arms atop her thighs, cinching a camel clutch as she patronizes Bailey for her lack of wrestling experience. The match is kicked off with Bailey at a major disadvantage as she’s already ripe for a piledriver that sends her crumbling into unconsciousness as she twitches lightly. Jessie wakes her up with a couple face taps and seizes the moment to use her bikini for a stump puller piledriver KO.

Jessie’s inner heel shines as she mocks Bailey’s excitement from earlier. She shoots for full-on disrespect as she lifts Bailey to her feet by her nose. She feigns a hug to the disoriented Bailey which turns into a tombstone piledriver KO and topped off with an Undertaker 3-count pin. Keen to beat her previous score, Jessie jars Bailey awake with a gut-busting belly claw. After the groggy Bailey is stood up, Jessie springs an air raid crash piledriver variant on her that sends her to a twitchy dreamland with limb checks.

Jessie mixes it up by inflicting some pain to her lower back with a boston crab submission. Next she integrates some lucha libre by scooping her up between the legs and planting her skull first into the mats with a sunset driver KO and the perfect position for a facesitting 3-count pin. Jessie jolts Bailey awake with an attack targeting the toes and hoists her to her feet. Bailey’s petite figure is then lifted and curled into a small package as Jessie does a bit of taunting before driving her into the mats for another KO. A single leg hook 3-count pin secures another point for Jessie.

Jessie then applies a temple drill to awaken Bailey and she’s soon put down again with a regular piledriver KO. A quick belly button drill revives her in a perplexed daze and Jessie delivers another wedgie-inducing stump puller piledriver KO. The unconscious Bailey is met with more condescending monologue before Jessie chomps her finger to make her come to. She’s met with the second coming of a tombstone piledriver KO and an “unsuccessful” 3-count pin. Dissatisfied with her previous tombstone she performs another to Bailey that leaves her sprawled out and twitching.

The anemic Bailey is guided to her feet by her clutched ear and scooped over Jessie’s shoulder, however this isn’t a typical carry Jessie clutches onto her victim before pulling off a sitout Rikishi driver KO. Bailey’s rolled over for another camel clutch before Jessie pulls off her last maneuver. She pays homage to Jerry the King before delivering a spike piledriver that puts Bailey out for the count. She’s rolled up for a 10-count rana pin which is followed up by a victory pose. Bailey’s left in a convulsing heap as Jessie joyfully strolls off before a fade to black.

Camel clutches
Piledriver KOs
Stump puller piledriver KOs
Nose lift
Tombstone piledriver KO
Undertaker 3-count pin
Belly claw
Reverse piledriver KO
Boston crab
Sunset driver KO
Facesitting 3-count pin
Small package piledriver KO
Single leg hook 3-count pin
Temple drill
Back rake
Belly button drill
Instant replay
Finger biting
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Ear lift
Rikishi driver KO
Spike piledriver KO
10-count rana pin
Win pose
Limp play
Eye check
Trash talk


Length: 20 min
Price: 18.99