(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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In part one, we have newcomer Oksanna taking on Anne Marie in a Pile-Driver Challenge, where pin falls can only be scored after a pile-driver has been delivered. After the count-down, Anne immediately leaps onto Oksanna’s back, wrapping her into a sleeper hold. Oksanna carries her, staggering, but soon the pressure is too much and she sinks to her knees as Anne cinches in the hold. Soon her arms go limp, but Anne hauls her to her feet, firing a stiff shot into her belly. With Oksanna doubled over, Anne tries to haul her up for a pile-driver, but Oksanna yanks her legs out from under her, sending her to the mat. She yanks Anne back to her feet quickly, hoisting the blonde against her and driving her head into the mat via pile-driver. With Anne knocked out, Oksanna leans into the pin, using her knee to press Anne’s head into the mat, picking up the first win.

She then pulls Anne to her feet again, hauling her into another pile driver, knocking her out yet again before sliding over her to pick up another quick win
Over and over Anne finds herself at Oksanna’s mercy as she hauls her into pile-drivers and tombstone pile-drivers, alternating between easy knock-outs and pin-falls as Anne flounders and flops in her arms.

At last Anne manages to sneak a punch into Oksanna’s belly, quickly scooping her up into her own pile-driver, knocking her out, but unfortunately for Anne, Oksanna has too many victories and has won the match, even if she is out cold. Anne collapses across her belly, defeated.

Knock Outs
Tombstone Pile-Drivers
Double Tombstone
Sleeper Hold
Belly Punch
Squash Match

In part two, Sleeperkid faces off against newcomer Stephanie Starr in a 10 count, no DQ pro-style match.

AS the match begins, Stephanie catches Sleeperkid in a standing arm bar, wrenching in the hold, spinning and cinching it until he actually flips over to the mat. Keeping the pressure on, Stephanie keeps the hold tight, wrapping her legs for added impact. Sleeperkid struggles and flails, taken surprise by Stephanie’s skill. She hauls him to his feet, throwing him into the wall before laying into him with some swift belly kicks and some skull rattling punches to the head. She then flips him down to the mat with a snap mare, and then yanks his arms back with a double arm bar. Sleeperkid grits his teeth as she leans into the hold, finally releasing it only to haul him back to his feet for knee lifts to the gut.  He falls to the floor once again, and Stephanie pounces, pulling him into a camel clutch. She cinches in the hold but Sleeperkid refuses to give up.  She releases him, trying to yank him to his feet, but he fires a hard punch into her belly, doubling her over.

Sleeperkid goes on the attack, hauling Stephanie into the air and dropping her with a brutal pile-driver, laying her out cold on the mat. A stomp to the back brings her around and he immediately scoops her up into a tombstone pile-driver, knocking her out again.  He begins to count out a pinfall then thinks better of it, instead yanking Stephanie up to her knees and then slamming her head down to the mat, leaving her sprawling. Now it’s Sleeperkid’s turn to show how to do a camel clutch, as he sits in, wrenching Stephanie’s back up but the chin hard. She grunts and struggles, as he rakes her across the eyes, then clubs her down to the mat
He then pulls her to her feet, slamming her up into the wall before firing a series of belly punches into her exposed tummy, following up with cruel knee lifts that leave Stephanie gasping for air. A few shots to the head leave her slumping to the ground before he flips her with a snap mare, then settles in for a devastating leg scissors than has Stephanie wailing in pain.

Not yet finished, Sleeperkid hauls Stephanie to her knees, prying her arms behind her in a double arm bar of his own. Not satisfied with her whimpering, Sleeperkid leans back, hooking his legs around her arms for added pressure. Quickly transitioning to a body scissors, he presses the attack, as Stephanie struggles to pry herself out of his grip.

He then scoops her back up to deliver another stunning pile-driver as Stephanie’s head crashes into the mat, leaving her limp and lifeless on the ground.  He slides in over her, wrenching her back with a seated cradle arm bar, making Stephanie grit her teeth in excruciating pain, her legs hooked over each other. Then he hauls her back to her feet only to drop her with a brutal stunner. While she’s laid out, he drops on her with a series of belly splashes, before scooping her up for another wicked tombstone pile-driver.

Not satisfied yet, he yanks her back to her feet for yet another pile-driver, only to stomp her sprawled body back to life for one final tombstone pile driver, sliding over her sprawled body and figuring he’ll pick up an easy ten count. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he’s attacked from behind by Fantasy, who stomps him in the back, then yanks him to his feet to deliver a surprise stunner! Fantasy then drags Stephanie’s limp body over Sleeperkid’s, and counts out to ten. Stephanie is the dubious winner as Fantasy hauls her over her shoulder, carrying her off to leave Sleeperkid lying.

Pro Style
Mixed Wrestling
Pile Drivers
Camel Clutch
Arm Bar
Seated Arm Bar
Seated Double Arm Bar
Tombstone Pile Drivers
Knee Lifts
Belly Punching
Head Punching
Snap Mare
Run In Save
Double Knockout

Length: 22 min
Price: 17.99