Holy crap!  Sleeperkid’s got a huge fight on his hands after Ivy Sloan, Kelly, and Saya Savage challenge him to a piledrivers/gauntlet battle!   If either one of the ladies manage to pin him, he loses the battle…but if he manages to get three pins in a row, the battle moves on to a bonus round, where he has to take all three ladies on at once!

ROUND ONE: After reversing some serious belly attacks, SK takes Ivy out with a sleeper hold, only to  destroy her with a brutal series of piledrivers (body twitching included), body slams, leg attacks, another sleeper KO, and another set of tombstone piledrivers, including a “wilting” driver that takes Ivy OUT!

ROUND TWO: The girls drag Ivy to the corner and Kelly gores for the attack.  She traps SK in a piledriver position, but SK reverses it…dropping Kelly like a rock!  She’s barely conscious so SK takes her out with a sleeper, forcing Saya to check her treammates limp hand!  He then nails a brutal series of piledriver KOs (THREE OF THEM!) that lay Kelly out for the fake pin!  A final wilting tombstone ends it for Kelly, who takes SK’s pin while wandering around in Dreamland!

ROUND THREE:  Saya starts off strong with an armlock, but SK sweeps her leg and weakens her with a eyerolling sleeper KO.  He then proceeds to work her over with a long series of piledriver KOs (with a fake pin thrown in for fun), until a final piledriver finisher her off.  He drags Saya on top of Kelly and waits for them to wake up!

ROUND FOUR: We start out with the girls barely conscious on the ground, and an impatient SK more than ready to start the last fall!  He lays Saya out with a tombstone, only to give Ivy and Kelly piledrivers that end with them landing in a huge three-girl pileup!!!  A final 1 vs 3 pin seals the match, leaving SK exhausted but satisfied as he performs a final victory pose over his three fallen opponents!


Length: 22 min

Price: 19.99