• February 25, 2011
We’re not quite sure why, but Fantasy actually AGREED to a handicap piledriver battle against The Rockettes (aka: Rock-C and Tiffany Roxx)…a decision we’re sure is gonna haunt her throughout most of her hospital stay!
What ensues here is almost too grisly to describe, as both Rock-C and Tiffany completely destroy the once proud and tiny pro!  Needless to say, TONS of piledriver KOs are delivered, including spiked sit down piledrivers, regular piledrivers, tombstones, and a brutal REVERSE piledriver that has to be seen to be believed.
Among the other moves are amazing double team attacks, including two on one belly attacks, submissions, dropkicks to the face, an implant buster that leaves Fantasy out cold on the mats, and MORE!In the end, the terrible twosome stand triumphant over their fallen (and overconfident) opponent…as piledriver fans all over the world stand and cheer.

Length: 13 min

Price: $11.99