No Holds Barred. No DQ. Match to end with a 10-count pin. Hellena Heavenly, one of the most talented pro wrestlers in the business vs Sleeperkid…one of the most talented XBOX 360 players in existence. But seriously, folks…this is one hell of a match that starts off with some awesome back and forth action from two extremely competitive fighters. Hellena opens with a massive arm attack that flips SK onto his back. A quick jujigitame armlock follows, but SK reverses into a single leg boston crab. He then applies a surboard on the groaning Hellena, but after a slam onto his bare feet, SK is down again, feeling REAL pain as Hellena works his legs over with knee drop attacks. SK turns the tables yet again, however, applying an instant and brutal ankle lock and moving into a modified full-leg double lock that seems to take Heavenly completely by surprise! SK continues the onslaught, nailing a suplex and going for an unsuccessful pin, but after Hellena reverses and lands an elbow drop to the back, she applies an awesome back stretch on the Kid that has him screaming insults at the seasoned pro. Another unsuccessful pin follows, and at this point SK knows he HAS to do SOMETHING before he loses control of the battle! He picks Hellena up, sends a blow to her midsection, and delivers a brutal KO piledriver! Hellena convulses as she slumbers, but Sleeperkid has only just begun his pre-planned assault on the pro…one that consists of no less than SEVEN PILEDRIVERS (regular AND tombstone)…each one leaving Hellena a twitching, sleeping mess on the mats. Add a touch of Fisherman’s neckbreaker, camel clutch, and figure four leglock to the mix and you have the recipe for a full devastation that end with a slowly counted pin on the crimson-haired pro. SK finally crosses Hellena’s arms, emulating a hero of his as he stands, thinks for a second, and adds a final belly to belly KO splash as the exclamation point to a very long and painful sentence!

Length: 11 min, 26 sec

Price: $9.99