FAN SERVICE: episode three

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It’s Fan Service time again and you know what that means! Some poor jobber is going to get a beatdown at the hands of The Machine, using only moves requested by you guys, the fans. This time our lovely victim is none other than pro wrestler Laynie Luck. Laynie is already in the mat room and has been handed the list of moves submitted by the fans before the camera come on. We fade in to see her getting pissed as she reads what The Machine plans to do to her when he gets there. Laynie goes on and on complaining about the match while reading off the moves on the list. All while The Machine makes his entrance, sneaking up on her, with a steel chair in hand. He waits until she reads “a chair shot?!?” off the list, before striking her in the back with the chair. From here The Machine fulfills his promise to the fans and delivers a myriad of punishing moves and hold, all picked from the list the fans had submitted. The Machine does move after move after moves, sometimes using the unconscious body of Laynie to hold his paper while he picks his next move from the list. Laynie never having any chance in the match and is dominated for beginning to end. Speaking of endings, you fans pick a rather brutal finishing move and The Machine decided to keep that one for last, as he drags the helpless jobber girl outside for a final piledriver on the concrete.

The Machine did the fans quite a service in this one and so did Laynie, but only one of them is likely to remember it.

Chair shot to the back
DDT on the chair
Drop toe hold face smash into chair
Sleeper hold
Bear hug
Belly punches
Wall splashes
Torture rack
Double Neck Pinch
Romero / Ceiling Hold
Ceiling Hold/Sleeper KO
Low Blows
Camel Clutch
Leg Hook Pin
Fireman’s Stunner
Matchbook pin
Heart Punch
Scorpion Crosslock
Neck pinch
Rope choke
Tazer attacks
Foam drooling
Mandible claw
OTS Carry
Tombstone Piledriver
Small Package Piledriver 2x
Spladle pin
Body slam – outside
Tombstone Piledriver – outside
Undertaker Pin – outside

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Length: 32 min
Price: 24.99