(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


Even though the lovely Faith (a brand new addition to SKW) is one of Fantasy’s top students, the two ladies put their friendship aside when SKW called them in for a Most-KOs Time Limit Battle! Before Fantasy can even apply a hold, however, the young Faith takes control, locking the pro star’s arm for a series of brutal arm wrenches that lead to a near-KO bearhug. Faith is exactly a foot taller than Fantasy, a fact that becomes evident once we see her boots dangling from the newcomer’s grip. After letting her drop, Faith goes for her first point, scoring with a sudden DDT that leaves Fantasy completely out (arm checks are used to verify the score). It is now 1-0 as Faith continues her onslaught, nailing belly blows, a running splash, and a long sleeper hold that leads to her second KO point! The headstrong blonde gets cocky, putting her teacher’s face on display for the camera, mocking her as she prepares her third KO, a brutal piledriver that comes after some mean knees to the back. It seems suddenly possible that the pupil has indeed surpassed the instructor…that is, until a preening Faith gets careless, leaving herself open to a belly blow that sends her to her knees. Fantasy is awake AND extremely unhappy with her, laying into the rookie with boots to the gut and a brutal leg nelson that sends bolts of pain through Faith’s shoulders. After several knees to the back that seem to cause a pain KO Faith goes for a pin only to have the youngster bravely kick out. Fantasy decides to make her first score final, nailing a swinging neckbreaker that leads to a 1-3 score. Several belly punches and a running splash later, Fantasy nails a brutal stunner that leaves Faith limp on the mats, leading to a two-in-a-row comeback streak. A few seconds later the unfortunate Faith is the victim of a sudden X-Factor that leaves her stumbling dazed as Fantasy preps and launches into a high jump, securing a piggy back sleeper that brings Faith down like a mighty oak…putting her down and out for the tie! Fantasy wraps this one up, a smile on her face as she snap mares her student across the mats, her face a dazed mask of confusion and obvious pain. Fantasy delivers an amazing sidewalk slam, taking the much bigger girl down hard for what COULD be the final KO, but after the insult added to Fantasy’s previous injury, the pro delivers karma via a final belly to belly splash that winds Faith to a KO a few seconds before the time limit comes to a close. A victory pose is now in order as we close in on Fantasy’s new “F” boots…and the angelic face of a new SKW wrestler we KNOW will go on to become a fan favorite. Let’s just hope she comes back after taking this amazing loss!

Length: 15 min, 33 sec

Price: $12.99