Filmed over TWO years after FACT OR FICTION 2, this amazing TWO part match features a truly legendary opening:  GIA PRIMO vs KERI in a 10 minute (UNSCRIPTED) submissions only match, with points scored by verbal submission or tapout.  The ladies go at it tooth and nail, and the final score is as follows:
*Gia wins with a score of 4 – 0*
Given that Keri had been out of training for 2 years, you can tell by her final determined stare that she’s dying for a rematch after getting back into her regular routine.  Still, it’s an amazing match to watch, but as we fade to black we fast forward a few days, fading back in on a boastful Gia Primo, talking smack as the vengeful blonde creeps up behind her.Within seconds, Keri’s in complete control.  She nails a brutal PILEDRIVER KO…followed by a TOMBSTONE that lays Gia out on the mats.  SK offers Keri a pro match and Keri agrees, smiling as we fade in on a barely recovered Gia.  Keri gets started, pummeling Gia’s belly with blow after blow, followed by a snapmare, surfboard, and a bodyscissors/sleeper KO that scores her the first point…after a pin and victory pose, of course!Round two starts with Gia back to her full strength, and it shows.  She traps Keri in a figure four leglock after a hammerlock reversal, then nails several belly splashes, followed by a standing neckscissors and a brutally tight reverse figure four neck scissors that sends Keri into a stunned, eyerolling KO!  Gia scores the pin point and a victory pose for the heck of it.

Score is now tied, and Gia starts off on the offensive, nailing tons of belly attacks on Keri.  She traps Keri in a figure four that sends her to Dreamland, but Keri kicks out of the pin.  Gia goes for a finishing PILEDRIVER KO that seems to put Keri down and out for good…but Keri kicks out AGAIN!  A frustrated Gia Primo has no idea the kind of sleeping giant she’s just awakened:  a fact that becomes self-evident when Keri REVERSES her next piledriver and drops, KOing Primo INSTANTLY.  A furious Keri decides to have some fun, torturing Gia and gaining the vengeance she’d been craving for days.  Included in Keri’s attacks:

reverse piledriver KO
boston crab
camel clutch
bearhug KO
choke slam KO
standing neck scissors
side neck scissors
reverse figure four neckscissors KO
“Wilting Flower” TOMBSTONE KO

A ten count pin ends the match, as well as a victory pose that begs the question:  “WILL there be a re-match after Keri’s training resumes???”

The answer:  “We F*%#*&@ hope so!”


Length: 28 min

Price: $19.99