EXHAUSTION: episode 6

 The epic series just kicked it up a notch…with fan favorites KERI SPECTRUM and SUMIKO taking each other on in a 40 + minute exhaustion match, starting with both ladies collapsing into the mat room after a brutal and unseen battle…and ending with both ladies in the shower, pounding away at each other until one fighter gives in, and the other collapses next to her!   Fans of this series: this might very well be the best one we’ve released thus far…but that’s a call that you’re ultimately going to have to make after watching it!


exhausted wrestlers
slow attacks
mutliple KOs
double KOs
instant replays
multiple angles
over the top reactions
belly splashes
body piles
belly attacks
wall punching
sleeper hold KOs
overkill attacks
post-KO attacks
body to body presses
sleepy talk
neck scissors/belly punch combo
multiple leg drops to the throat
tongue protrusion
wall splashes
butt in the air KOs
belly kicks
leg drops to the back of the neck
neck scissors KO
belly punch KO
back and forth belly attacks
double bearhug KO
knee strikes to the skull KO
door strikes to the skull
jab to the jaw KO
over the shoulder carry
shower battle
multiple shower belly blows
sleeper hold / neck pinch double KO
final verbal submission
sleeper hold KO
faint / passout in the shower

THE WINNER (kind of…): Keri Spectrum!


Length: 43 min

Price: 28.99