(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Anne Marie has made her return to SKW after a hiatus and has formed a tag team partnership with the doll-faced Monroe. Despite being two of the signature jobbers on the roster, they’re ecstatic to join forces and kick some ass to make their mark. It’s sprung up on them that they’re slated for a 1v1 in the dreaded “exhaustion”, but they don’t take too kindly to the idea. Despite their protests, SK lulls them into the match with hypnosis via a code word provided by Anne. Their sopping tongues pour out onto the mats as they stand dazed and they’re locked into SK’s control. Under his spell, he coerces the ladies into agreeing with the match and they’re blacked out into a double derri “air” KO before the bout kicks off.

We tune in and the girls set it off with Monroe eating a number of hard punches to the face from Anne. Monroe lies in spread eagle with her tongue hanging and Anne pursues with belly splashes to the petite jobber. Splash after splash crashes into Monroe’s solar plexus as Anne struggles to muster the strength to keep firing. Monroe maintains consciousness for a surprisingly long while and finally conks out submissively with her tongue dangling as her resilience fades. Anne continues with the splashes despite the KO, then confirms it with a 10-count belly-punching single leg hook pin. With not an iota of energy between the two they pass out in a body pile.

Monroe manages to awaken first and takes control of Anne by forcing her to the wall. She blasts Anne’s midriff with seemingly endless belly punches that pound the air from her diaphragm. Monroe then creates space for a running wall splash, but her tired execution leads to a crash into the wall as Anne evades it. Monroe leans against the wall for support, granting Anne the window to punish her with returned belly punching. Monroe sinks to her rear and Anne continues to lay into her with belly blows till she’s comatose with her tongue out. Anne tosses her onto the mats in spread eagle and goes for a 10-count single leg hook pin, but is countered when Monroe battles back with half-mounting sleeperhold. Anne’s choked into a tongue-protruding slumber and Monroe passes out beside her as she’s completely drained. The girls like side by side with their stomachs heaving for much needed oxygen.

Monroe is the first to gather her wits and takes advantage by delivering numerous reverse split splashes to the sprawled Anne. Anne digs deep to counter with a reverse headscissor and flips Monroe over to get the advantageous mount. Monroe helplessly flails as she pleads for Anne to stop, but the submission stays locked. The ante is upped when Anne applies belly punches with her legs remaining locked around Monroe’s neck. With the air fully pumped and squeezed from Monroe, Anne returns the favor of thudding reverse split splashes for good measure. In a last ditch effort, Monroe battles back with a cunt punch that takes out Anne, who drops onto Monroe with a final splash for the double knockout.

Monroe seems to be the first to find consciousness again, but Anne’s possum play leads to more reverse split splashes. Anne lifts Monroe and gets to squeezing the ribs with a bearhug. Monroe is overcome with a sense of lifelessness as she withers from the tight submission and Anne drops her to the mats. She gets deeper with a prolonged grounded bearhug to crush Monroe’s core further and executes a 9-count pin before she passes out, bringing her oh so close to the next fall. The girls begin twitching from the heavy expenditure and it’s time for the next phase of the match.

Upside down in two-piece bikinis, padded gloves, and matchbook poses the ladies sit in a race to consciousness. SK’s countdown from the hypnosis speeds up the process and the girls get to a slogging stand. They lean against one another trading belly punches until Monroe gets the upper hand for numerous face blows. Anne manages to shake her punch drunkenness and administer face punches she was just dealt. A big uppercut cleans Monroe’s clock and Anne positions perfectly for Monroe to crumble into her frontal headscissor. Anne squeezes snugly until the fatigue sets in for Monroe and lands direct face shots to a mat-grinding Monroe. Punch after punch sends Monroe’s ass into the air and back to the mats. After the KO, Anne flips Monroe over for a mounted pin attempt, which is broken up by a face punch from Monroe. Anne collapses on the weakened Monroe and the girls suffer a double KO.

In the final phase, the girls wake up in the bedroom in one-piece swimsuits and a body pile. Monroe gets the advantage as she comes to first and pounds Anne with belly splashes. She transitions into a sleeperhold and cramming twists do Anne in. Monroe goes for a single leg hook pin attempt, but it’s disrupted with a potent nerve pinch that instantly draws drool from Monroe. Anne takes the driver’s seat and administers a seated sleeperhold of her own alongside twisting squeezes that knockout Monroe. Anne performs an OTS carry and brings Monroe to the bathroom. She deals a plethora of belly punches to the feeble Monroe and starts up the shower before forcing her in for more.

The showerhead drenches the babes as the fisticuffs continue in the shower with belly punches riddling them both. With Anne on the ropes, Monroe sits her down and uses the shower bench to perform a rear figure four headscissor on the dwindling Anne. The ferociousness increases with the hot and intimate setting and Anne seemingly goes out from the submission. Monroe stands her up and delivers more thrashing belly punches, but Anne counters back with her own set of belly strikes. Anne then executes a sleeperhold and takes Monroe down to the shower floor where Monroe verbally submits and taps out. Anne puts her out regardless and adds some belly-punching flair to the asphyxiating submission to ensure her foe is out for good. With nothing left to give, she passes out and the girls lie completely zonked in the hot and steamy shower.

Hypnosis KO
Uppercut KO
Excess belly splashes KO
10-count single leg hook pin w/ belly punching
Excess belly punches KO
10-count single leg hook pin attempt
Half-mounting sleeperhold KO
Exhaustion KOs
Post-KO deep inhales/exhales
Reverse splits splashes
Reverse headscissor w/ belly punching KO
Reverse splits splashes double KO
Cunt punch KO
Bearhug KO
Grounded bearhug KO
Grounded bearhug pin attempt
Double matchbook pin
Excess face punches
Frontal headscissor w/ face punching KO
Body mount pin attempt
Face punch double KO
Seated sleeperhold KOs
Nerve pinch KO w/ spit take
Over-the-shoulder carry
Shower combat
Rear headscissor KO
Seated sleeperhold w/ belly punching KO
Derri “air” KO poses
Pleading / begging
Tongue protrusion
Instant replays
Trash talk
“Moist” Outtake


Length: 77 min
Price: 54.99