(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Madison and Paisley are hugged up as they pow wow with SK about their newly formed tag team. Alas it’s been commissioned for the pair to go head-to-head in a singles match. The ladies attempt to contest their newly scheduled match, but SK whips out the hypnosis orb that efficiently changes their tune. SK then entrances the duo to obey his commands and pass out by the time his count reaches zero. The girls end up in a body pile and by SK’s command they’re set to battle it out until one concedes to the other. A snap of his fingers sets things off and we fade into the action.

Paisley catches fists to the face, staggering her back into the mat room with Madison in pursuit. With Paisley spread eagle and vulnerable, Madison goes for an endless series of belly splashes that crunch Paisley’s ribs. Paisley doesn’t withstand the limb check, but Madison persists with even more splashes. Paisley finally acknowledges she can’t take anymore and passes out into a twitchy mess. Madison goes for the leg hook pin but exhausts herself before she can score the 10 count with Paisley hopelessly convulsing beneath her.

Paisley manages to wake before her foe, pushing her off and wrapping a tight sleeper to cut the blood flow. Madison weakly kicks around attempting to break the hold, but is impotent in her efforts. Paisley squeezes her to the edge of consciousness and Madison softly convulses in her clutches. Paisley then lays her down for a series of seated leg drops that force her legs into the air from the violent impact. Paisley flips her over for additional seated leg drops. The slamming blows pump Madison into derri “air” poses then drop her down into jolting convulsions. Paisley playfully spanks her as she deals out said torment then goes to lift her for more punishment. Madison battles back with punches to the ribs and tosses Paisley to the wall. She presses forward with a myriad of hellish belly blows and attempts a wall splash, but only stuns herself as Paisley slips away.

A completely winded Paisley makes her way to a stretched out Madison and mounts the top of her for full body splashes. Paisley rises on all fours then slams down, coming face to face with her challenger as she plows downward. Eventually the babe wears herself out, treating Madison like a body pillow as she doesn’t have enough to count the pin. Madison digs deep to find the strength to continue and shoves Paisley off, positioning herself for split splashes. Paisley’s core is worked over with massive thrusts to her stomach by Madison’s smashing splits. Madison’s upper body strength gives way and she resorts to using her legs to deliver reverse pelvic splashes, driving the air from an already winded Paisley. The huge exertion of energy leaves both girls out cold at a stalemate.

Madison comes to first and shrouds Paisley in a cushy sleeper. Paisley offers little in the way of defiance making her an easy mark.. She’s periodically squeezed harder, jarring her in and out of her catatonic state. Madison then grips the legs and flips her for a matchbook pin that coerces Paisley’s tongue through her lips. Madison finds the same fate of her original pin as she passes out mid-count, folding on top of a packaged Paisley and prolonging the match even further.

The pair see a change in attire gear as they move to 2-piece bikinis and padded gloves. They awaken simultaneously and retain their dizziness from the long continued bout. They exchange blows, stunning each other with fierce punches. They come face-to-face as they clinch, raining mighty fists into their midsections. Paisley gains the advantage as she finds a window to land consecutive face strikes to a dazed Madison. Madison evades a haymaker and lands numerous punches to an exposed Paisley. A winding uppercut charges up and drops Paisley to the mats for even further belly punishment. Madison’s savage offense continues with a mount and numerous hooks across her opponent’s face. She then signals the knockout blow with a kiss to her glove and before it’s thrown, Paisley lands a counter punch that scores a KO, but unfortunately Madison’s splash on top takes them both out for a double KO and body pile. Madison tries to rise on all fours but is dropped by desperate shots from Paisley, causing unintended mounted splashes. Paisley keeps throwing lefts resulting in Madison’s splashes and gyrating pelvis from the aftershocks. The twosome seem to be in a never ending loop of intimate punches and splashes. When their energy finally depletes they lie as a limp and comatose body pile with a winner yet to be decided.

The ladies awaken in a pile in a stairwell with another wardrobe swap. Madison grows aware of her advantageous position and locks Paisley in a reverse headscissor. The submission’s leverage makes it difficult for Paisley to break free and she blacks out mid-squeeze. Madison secures the limb check, but continues to cram Paisley’s neck between her thighs. Scoring the second KO, she attempts to climb the stairs but gets yanked back down by a groggy Paisley. Madison is then gripped in a clenching sleeperhold to which she succumbs. Paisley eases up and clamps down, sparking Madison in and out of consciousness. She then makes the climb upstairs as Madison lifelessly slides downward.

Paisley makes her way to the living room and the physical strain takes its toll on her, causing her to topple over the couch. Madison gets her hands on a metal rod and catches Paisley ripe for the taking. She approaches from behind and grinds the rod into Paisley’s temple, drilling her cognisance to nothingness and forcing a stream of drool from her lips. Madison repositions her on the floor and gets in close and personal for a frontal headscissor. Paisley writhes around, struggling between Madison’s cinching thighs. Madison pleads with her to go out as she’s dying for the match to be over with. She repeatedly wrenches the hold as she tries to put Paisley out for good. Next she laboriously gets Paisley to her feet for a brief OTS carry and dumps her over the couch. Acquiring a frying pan from the kitchen she heads around strikes Paisley’s skull with a number of loud bonks. Paisley admits defeat as she conks out from the cracking swings, but Madison isn’t convinced. Setting Paisley up for more strikes, she catches a counter hit to the ribs, her pan is snatched and it comes across her face for a spinning knockout. Madison topples into Paisley and melts into a KO pose resembling the downward dog. Paisley cleans her clock with another swing of the pan and strolls off for a moment of recovery.

Paisley sprawls onto the bed as she thirsts for a moment of refreshment. Her rest is cut short when Madison barges in and catches her exposed frame with a body splash. Madison proceeds to lay into her with jumping belly splashes, then gets behind for another sleeperhold. The girls plead with each other as the submission works its magic. Extra squeezes ensure Paisley’s down as she lies sprawled.

For the final phase, Madison brings Paisley to the shower via OTS after warming her ribs up with a few belly punches. The showerhead drizzles on the dames as Madison reddens Paisley’s midsection with wicked rights. The girls begin tussling with hair pulling and Paisley gets revenge with her own belly punches. Madison is winded and brought to the floor where Paisley has the leverage for an elevated rear headscissor. Madison begs for Paisley’s mercy, but her words fall on deaf as Paisley yearns to squeeze her out. Paisley brings Madison to her feet and gets reversed with a set of lurching belly punches. Madison twists her around and lands a sleeperhold on her spent foe. Paisley feebly feels around as she lacks the energy to fight back. They go to the ground where Madison once again pleads with Paisley to give up. Paisley can barely find the words as her vision goes hazy, but she finally admits defeat after an hour and a half of grueling combat. Madison applies tighter compressions for good measure and celebrates her triumph with an enervated win pose. She faints as her seemingly endless endeavor has worn her to lethargy and the girls rest in the shower’s mist.

Hypnosis KO
Excess belly splashes KOs
Single leg hook 10-count pin (attempt)
Sleeperhold KOs
Seated leg drops KO
Belly punching
Wall splash whiff KO
Mounted splashes KOs
Splits splashes
Reverse pelvic splashes
10-count matchbook pin (attempt)
Winding uppercut KO
Mounted punches KO
Reverse headscissor KOs
Exhaustion KOs
Metal rod temple drill KO
Frontal headscissor KO
Frying pan KOs
Downward dog KO pose
Rear figure four headscissor KO
Hair pulling
Shower play
Over-the-shoulder carries
Derri “air” KO pose
Instant replays
Tongue protrusion
Body piles
Wardrobe swaps
Limb checks
Alternate takes


Length: 93 min
Price: 89.99