The TENTH episode in this amazing series…featuring an epic ELIZA/MIRIYA reunion and over 60 minutes of “Exhaustion” action!!!

We fade in on Eliza and Miriya re-uniting happily after years of not seeing each other.  Not only are they no longer rivals…they’ve decided to become a tag team.  SK realizes how bad this is for business and sprays both ladies with a hypnotic gas that puts them under his control.  He forces them to compete…yet again…in an epic and non-stop “exhaustion” battle moments after making them fall into a deep, hypnotic sleep.

What follows is an astounding set of performances that make their way through the entire SKW compound, culminating in a shower battle that’ll become an instant classic with any and all fans of over the top combat!!!!


overkill attacks
POST-KO attacks
Over the TOP eyerolling/selling/etc
tongue protrustion
hypnotic spray / KO
belly splashes
body piles
sleeper hold
nerve pinch / pressure point KO
convulsion splashes / post -KO
steamroller KOs
exhausted pins / faint
boxing glove battle
boxing blows to the belly
boxing blows to the face
accidental self boxing blow KO
tazer to the neck POV KO
blackjack strikes to the head and belly
frying pan KO strikes to the skull
extended rope chokeout
tongue protrusion
reverse neckscissors with belly punching
leg drops to the neck
pressure point temple jab against glass door
shower fight
belly punching
sleeper hold
final admission of defeat
winner faints on loser


Length: 65 min

Price: 36.99