(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

EVERY HEEL’S FANTASY (compilation)

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Length: 60 min

Price: $29.99

Starring: Natasha, Fantasy, Gwen, Rain, Galas, and Sumiko

After a boastful interview with SK, the lovely Natasha gets a challenge from pro star FANTASY, who’s pretty sure she can get the brunette to submit in no time.  Natasha laughs as she accepts, catching Fantasy off guard with a sudden boot to the gut.  A sudden NATASHACIDE NECKBREAKER puts Fantasy down and out, but Fantasy kicks out of her pin,  Natasha goes for a sleeper, but the now enraged Fantasy elbows her way out of it, nailing Natasha with a brutal DDT that leaves the formerly arrogrant wrestler stunned on the mats…

What follows is almost THIRTY MINUTES of Natasha getting her ass handed to her by Fantasy…and fans of submissions will lose their minds when they see what the pro has in store for this rookie!!!


Neck nerve claw
Screaming, taunting
belly claw
thigh claw
double neck claw
arm going numb due to pressure point claw
eye claw
nerve shoulder clamp
EXTREME armlocks
arm hyperextension
leg nelson
double arm locks
boots to the back
joint locks
single arm lock
single arm lock with boot leverage
double hammer lock
knees to the elbow joints
boot to the armpit arm extension
jujigitame armlock
standing arm locks
boots to the neck/arm extension
MULTIPLE wrist locks
standing surfboard
sitting surfboard
side surfboard
bow and arrow
camel clutch
standing boston crab variation
straightjacket choke/camel clutch
vertical bow and arrow
cloverleaf with knee to back FINALLY causes a submission
final shot of writhing. pain-stricken victim


GWEN and RAIN face FANTASY in the ring!!!

Those of you expecting yet ANOTHER loss on Fantasy’s part…prepare to be disappointed.  After a sudden double leg sweep onto the canvas, the petite and powerful Fantasy completely obliterates the tag team of Gwen and Rain, using sleepers GALORE to REPEATEDLY render them unconscious!  In between the knockouts Fantasy employs belly blows, corner work, chokes, forced body smashes, camel clutches, body slams, belly kicks, boston crab, shoulder rams, and more…leading to a final Turnbuckle Double Sleeper that sends both ladies off to Dreamland..and leads to a brutal victory for Fantasy!


Introducing the lovely GALAS…in her SKW MAT DEBUT!

The beautiful Galas and Sumiko face off against Devon and Fantasy in this nold-school tag team battle, with Sumiko starting off strong against Devon, surprising the SKW vet with kicks, stomps, splashes, a suplex, camel clutch, and more…all as Galas claps along and Fantasy watches…frustrated!  A stunner almost seals it, but a reversal and a sudden double suplex reverses the action.  Now it’s Fantasy punishing the poor young Sumiko, bending her in a boston crab, nailing a chokeout powerbomb, and going for a sleeper that gets suddenly reversed!

Galas gets a clothesline in, trapping Devon in a camel clutch, some brutal belly blows, and a near KO face down neck scissors!  A tag kicks in and a double stunner nearly seals it, and a piledriver from Sumiko gets interrupted by Fantasy.  Galas jumps in, however, and both Fantasy and Devon are forced to slam into each other…only to get massively splashed and pinned.  They barely kick out…and then the tide somehow reverses, leading to a desperate double sleepers that leaves both Sumiko and Galas out cold.

Now recovered, the vicious Devon and Fantasy decide to destroy their opponents.  Devon KOs Sumiko with her Devonator DDT, while Fantasy piledrives Galas right ACROSS her opponent for the final double pin!