(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We cut straight into the heated action as we observe the oh, so powerful Violet Blayze in her slim pink one-piece in control of a reeling Andrea Rosu. Violet clutches Andrea by the jaw causing her to faintly moan as she appeals for Violet’s mercy. Violet gets painfully intimate as she locks in a mandible claw, sending an already fleeting Andrea to the mats on her back. Violet sweeps her leg for more control and presses the claw deeper, easing the stirring Andrea into a deep sleep. Violet applies just enough pressure to keep her in limbo, then clamps tighter on the pressure point to assure the knockout and sends her into twitches. Andrea stirs in her unconsciousness, scrunching and spreading her toes from the paralyzing effects of the submission, then Violet applies even more pressure to increase the spasms. Violet then places a foot over her twitching adversary, then leaves her spread eagle and vanquished on the mats.

Andrea gets to return the favor using her alluring nature to acquiesce Violet into the mandible claw. Violet wriggles around in a tizzy from the impairing hold, which arouses satisfaction in Andrea. They go down to the mats and Andrea sweeps VIolet’s legs into a spread as she continues to use her sweet nothings to coerce her into a slumber. Violet writhes and moans and moans from the claw’s effects as her rolling and fluttering eyes stare off into nothingness. Violet goes limp and Andrea grips tighter, sending Violet into toe-wiggling convulsions. Andrea compresses harder beneath the tongue making Violet jerk harder than before. A cute giggle precedes Andrea sprawling Violet out then performing a foot-to-belly pose as she flexes over her twitchy prey.

In the next exchange we see Violet snared in Andrea’s bearhug, using her warm embrace to drain Violet’s vitality. The voluptuous babes tussle for control and Violet manages to muscle her way into a choking handsmother, which causes Andrea to release her submission and prioritize escaping Violet’s grip. Violet’s potent submission wears on Andrea, sending the girls down to the mats allowing Violet to gain full control by mounting her foe. Andrea begins to panic as she’s pinned, choked, and smothered into violent stirs. Violet keeps her strangle nice and snug as Andrea tires herself into a limp heap, trapped in Violet’s clutches. After a moment of stillness, Andrea begins convulsing as she’s sprawled out and Violet keeps the submission locked for a steamy 10-count pin, then poses over a sapped Andrea who remains twitching well after she departs.

The roles switch and Violet becomes the predator squeezing at Andrea’s lower back, gradually eroding away at Andrea’s energy. Andrea stands on her tippy toes, arching backwards at the might of Violet’s constricting clutch. Andrea digs deep for a burst of strength to reverse the submission into her own choking hand smother. The two enter a war of attrition as both submissions remain locked, but the lack of air takes its toll on Violet forcing her to prioritize her own well-being. They ascend to the mats as the suffocation wears on Violet, giving Andrea the leverage to drive the asphyxia deeper. Andrea makes her dominance known as she chastises Violet for the KO attempt, then elaborates on just how much she loves to leave Violet weak under her control. The smother remains clamped, completely dimming Violet’s lights leaving her to writhe in impotence. Andrea flexes over her defeated foe once more, then leaves her out cold and jolting.

The next fall sees Andrea slammed to the mats vulnerable, moaning, and defenseless. Violet mounts her for a reverse headscissor causing Andrea to frantically shift around as she claws at Violet’s thighs. Her panicked stirring and slapping allows for the most pleasing jiggles of Violet’s assets. The squeezing quads of Violet devastate Andrea to the point of gasping, gurgles, fluttering-lipped exhales, and an empty submissive gaze. Andrea increases the punishment by administering belly punches to her powerless rival, sending her curvaceous legs into the air with loud exhales from each blow. With Andrea softened up, Violet clamps the vice on her neck even tighter and siphons the rest of Andrea’s vigor till all that’s left are enfeebled convulsions. With the submission still cinched, Violet performs a 10-count pinning Andrea to the mats as her thick thighs tremble and soles fidget. Satisfied with her performance, Violet takes off leaving Andrea to squirm from the garroting squeeze.

Andrea gets the chance to handily drop Violet to the canvas leaving her ripe for Andrea to get atop and encase Violet between her own thighs. The figure-four headscissor dwarves Violet’s head between Andrea’s massive quads, sending Violet into distressing moans and helpless struggling. Andrea’s seductive nature shines as she revels in the pain she inflicts against her strong equal. There’s little Violet can do as she perceptibly grows weaker in Andrea’s dreadful squeeze. To send the message, Andrea delivers thudding blows to Violet’s midriff as the choking continues. The figure-four headscissor is clenched harder, depleting Violet of her remaining stamina and Andrea performs a 10-count pin as she slaps Violet’s thighs in taunting fashion. The thigh slaps invoke soft moans and twitching out of Violet, then Andrea leaves her spread eagle and sedated.

The coming fall sees Andrea senseless in a daze granting Violet the golden opportunity to aim for the trachea with a vicious backhanded throat chop. Andrea clutches her throat in pained astonishment, then quickly collapses backwards as she gags, gurgles, and gasps for air. With the vermillion succubus nursing her throat and writhing around, Violet steps around and clasps a two-handed smother to Andrea’s face, shrouding her in darkness and stealing every ounce of much-needed oxygen. Andrea kicks around in a frenzy and plants her soles into the mats, arching upward to build a bridge for leverage, but it’s no use against Violet’s iron grip. She tires out from her overexertion and submits to Violet’s control as she sprawls out, convulses, and produces subdued moans. Violet keeps the smother clamped as she performs a 10-count and Andrea’s expressive feet display her helplessness in Violet’s tyranny. Pleased with her performance, Violet strolls off leaving Andrea to shudder.

Andrea gets payback as she homes in on a punchdrunk Violet. A sharpened throat chop leaves Violet nursing her airway and she falls backwards to the mats in excruciation. She lies back, bracing her throat with her elbows up as she produces agonizing coughs. The powerful blow nearly sends her into convulsions, but Andrea doesn’t let her get off so easily as he kneels by her side and locks in a two-handed smother. Violet resists the best she can, arching her body into the air and gripping at Andrea’s clasping hands, but her yielding strength isn’t enough. She gives into Andrea’s debilitating submission and re-enters convulsions granting Andrea the perfect window to score a 10-count pin with the hold still applied. Andrea then walks off and Violet is left struggling to regain her wit.

Violet’s comeuppance comes in the form of dropping Andrea to the mats with an incredibly potent strike. She wastes little time committing to her offense and mounts Andrea, tying her legs up with a grapevine and cinching her neck for a guillotine choke. Andrea’s eyes widen from the intense snare and her cheeks puff up as the wind is squeezed from her statuesque figure. She enters a euphoric state as her motions range from panicked to sensual. Violet feels Andrea claw at her ass and she teases the dom as she feels every little movement from the straining beauty. The grapevine’s fierce stretch on Andrea’s legs gives her no hope for a chance of escape and she succumbs to the submission, a moaning and gasping heap. Jolting twitches are all that’s left of Andrea and Violet flexes over her as she keeps the mount. She sits comfortably as Andrea convulses beneath her and performs a 10-count pin, performs a sexy jump to her feet, then makes her exit as Andrea lies spasming.
Violet finds herself on the receiving end of a fatal strike that drops her to the ground for a near knockout. Andrea mounts the fallen bombshell, slightly jarring her awake as she restricts her with a grapevine hold. She takes her sweet time applying the guillotine choke as she feels Violet’s ravishing figure squirm beneath hers. Violet kicks around in an attempt to free herself, but Andrea is hooked in and not letting up. Violet’s struggle only makes Andrea squeeze ever so tighter and Andrea details everything she loves about their predicament. Andrea’s bewitching words cast a lustful spell on the audience just as they do Violet. Violet begins wilting as she can no longer withstand Andrea’s omnipotence and her consciousness fades with every moaning exhale. When the arms go limp, Andrea sits up on top of Violet’s waist, flexing as she admires the twitching amazon she holds dominion over, then performs the 10-count. Violet is left lying to recover her bearings as Andrea steps out.
The final maneuver begins similarly to the previous with a near KO blow to send Andrea crashing to the mats. Violet straddles her prize, then buries Andrea’s face in her chest, smothering her as she’s encased between her thighs. Andrea flails and jerks around as she’s defenseless in Violet’s possession, slowly fading from the cut oxygen. To accelerate the process, Violet uses the power in her hips to blast Andrea’s chest with pelvic thrusts, pushing the air from her diaphragm and sending her limb recoiling into the air. Andrea moans, crying out to her god as Violet’s brawn is too much bear. She counters the following thrust by wrapping around Violet’s ribs with a bearhug, causing her to holler from the snug squeeze. They end up entangled, testing the other’s strength as it’s smothering pelvic thrusts versus a bearhug. Violet doesn’t let up and her advantageous positioning causes Andrea to falter as she relinquishes the bearhug, moaning from Violet’s overwhelming finisher. Violet continues to smash into Andrea’s midriff, sending her limbs flying into the air from the crushing blows. When it finally lights out for Andrea, Violet keeps the snug smother held as she performs a 10-count over a twitching Andrea. Violet performs her cute kip up once more before deserting Andrea as a convulsing damsel.

Andrea performs a deadly maneuver that slumps Violet to the mats with a hard impact. Violet’s in great peril as she has no time to collect herself for Andrea’s next submission. Andrea is slow and seductive in her approach to straddling Violet. She gets on top, pinning Violet to the mats and warns her of what’s to come. Andrea uses each muscle in her amazonian figure to arch her waist and slam into Violet’s ribs, pumping the air out of her chest. Andrea ferociously grunts with each pump, her juicy glutes and thighs quaking with every impact. Violet is seemingly finished, as she lies limp, jerking from every blow and moaning as the depleted heroine. Andrea gets excited from the stimulating collisions, grinding against Violet’s chest and groaning with every strike. Violet finds the energy to wrap Andrea into a bearhug as she absorbs one of the thrusts. The two trade words as they fight for superiority. Andrea turns up the tempo, slamming into Violet’s chest as she begins to wane from the squeeze. To Violet’s misfortune, she can’t keep up with the crimson goddess as her constriction loosens from successive thrusts to her ribs. She goes limp, conceding to Andrea’s authority. Andrea punishes her retaliation with even more pumping thrusts, sensual grinding, and a tongue lashing that puts Violet into a twitching siesta. Andrea lies on top softly rubbing Violet’s ribs and arm as she performs the 10-count. She crawls away on all fours as she emits an arousing laugh and Violet lies spasming from Andrea’s wicked coup de grace.

In a final shot, Violet and Andrea lie spent beneath a blanket with their inner legs crossed. The girls have nothing left to give, utterly stretched out and twitching from an extreme night of smothers, submissions, and strikes. Their agony is emphasized by their delicate moans, juddering thighs, scrunching/spreading toes, and an overall sense of exhaustion. It remains to be seen if we’ll ever get a decisive winner between the two. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out…

Standing mandible claws
Prolonged grounded mandible claw KOs
Reversal hand-over-mouth smother
Mounted HOM smother 10-count pin
Prolonged mounted HOM smother KO
Figure-four headscissor w/ belly punching KOs
Figure-four headscissor 10-count pins
Backhand throat chops
Two-handed smother KOs
Two-handed smother 10-count pins
Grapevine w/ guillotine choke KOs
Mounted flexing 10-count pins
Upper body pin w/ pelvic thrusts to chest KO
Double KO under blanket finish
Abundant foot PoV shots
Fluttering lips
Post-KO toe wiggling
Victory poses
“Trash talk”

Length: 42 min
Price: 41.99