After a quick pre-interview with the lovely Pandora (wearing a stunning two piece red suit with black boots) her opponent enters the room. It’s none other than Vanessa Harding (wearing a blue one-piece, hose, an white pro boots), and she’s ALL smiles as she offers the SKW rookie a pre-match handshake. Pandora foolishly goes for it and meets a powerful forearm to the face, followed by a vicious body slam! After that, folks…it’s ALL downhill for our lovely newcomer! Vanessa proceeds to dispense some major-league pain with an over-the-knee backbreaker, elbow drops to the back, a vicious boston crab, knee drops to the spine, an extended STF/choke combo, a backbending camel clutch (with fishooks and rakes to the face!), a horrifying torture rack, two double “D” DDTs for a knockout, a fake pin attempt (Vanessa pulls her up for more at the last second!), tons of verbal taunting, a vicious PILEDRIVER KO that leaves Pandora out cold and twitching on the mat, a final 5 count pin, and a memorable victory pose.

Length: 15 min, 12 sec

Price: $13.99