(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Despite worldly matters, Eden finally makes her glorious return to SKW looking stunning as ever and is back with a bang as she targets one of its most dangerous assets. She was displeased with her last bout against Tiny and has been through focused training during her time away, starving for poetic justice. She discusses the stipulations of the match with SK and as soon as no piledrivers or Tiny specials is murmured, the hulking man peeks in in pure shock. A booming voice questions whether sleeperholds are legal inciting terror into Eden and she’s trapped in the giant’s mighty grip via sleeperhold. Her fortitude shines as she berates Tiny through the grueling submission hold. She struggles to keep it together as she reaches her physical limit and goes out in his arms. Limb checks grant Tiny the first fall and she subsides into a derri “air” pose. He’s flabbergasted by the banning of his high-impact spiking slams, but continues with the match regardless.

Eden is lifted by her hair and placed against the wall to bear deep blows to the belly. She’s whipped across to the other wall and splats giving Tiny the freedom to rain running splashes to her exposed frame. She droops to the mats fatigued and face down. Tiny’s instincts kick in as he gets excited to reintroduce her to a number of piledrivers, but SK’s quick reminder rains on his parade. Instead Eden is positioned to the center where she’s painfully arched for a camel clutch KO. She retains her derri “air” posture as SK checks her status and Tiny goes right back to pummeling.

Eden’s placed horizontally and a ways away, perfect for Tiny to drop a myriad of sky-high belly splashes to her washboard abs. She’s left totally deprived of air as the limb checks confirm the knockout. Tiny engages with a bit of faceplay and mockery that leads to spine-crushing sky-high splashes that pulverize her senseless. His massive palms constrict her breathing and she wakes up in a state of shock. The goliath throat lifts her to her feet and into the air where her eyes roll back as she’s consumed by asphyxiation, then crumbles into spread eagle as she touches the mats. Tiny doesn’t let up as a one-handed throat lift awakens her for startled pleading. He shows no mercy as another two-handed throat lift scoops her up and she’s forced against the wall. The enchantress succumbs to the hellacious pressure as her pupils disappear. The choke leaves her drooping to the mats for another KO confirmed by SK.

An exploding spinal kick shakes Eden from her snooze and she’s stood up for more punishment. Tiny fixes her arm behind her head opening her chest up or a thunderous heart punch that knocks her zonked before dropping to her knees. She falls backwards into pulsing convulsions that slow to a crawl from Tiny’s secondary heart punch. His sizable boot puts pressure into Eden’s foot jarring her alert. She rises as she nurses her poor foot, but that provides Tiny with the opening to secure a dragon sleeper. Eden shifts around to maintain her footing, but it’s for naught as she fades away in the chokehold. Tiny relinquishes the hold after limb checks ensure the KO and she’s left spasming by the hands of the mountainous man.

Tiny acknowledges the utterly helpless state of his prey and draws near to deliver a Tiny special, but is comically stopped in his tracks by SK’s refereeing. He makes a detour by hoisting Eden up and over his back for a mangling torture rack. Eden whimpers in despair as she falls victim to the violent submission hold. Her back is stretched harder as she’s strung up for a pendulum swing submission, enfeebling her for a complementary crippler crossface that takes her out. Her perished form is flipped around and she ends up between his powerful mitts for a skullcrusher. Tiny ends up breaking his toy as Eden drools on herself during fierce convulsions. He stalks the faint diva before pressing a huge boot to her midriff for a rude awakening. She’s lost as to what fatal techniques he’s applied to her, but he continues to bring the pain with an iron claw hold. The excruciating squeeze forces Eden to produce more fluids through her voluptuous lips and she melts into a derri “air” pose. Tiny takes a short moment to appreciate his work, then his onslaught continues with a spine-bending full boston crab. She jerks around as she strives to find a way out and ends up passing out, drained. Tiny lifts to her feet from the scruff of her neck and opts to rectify their feud the way he knows best with a squishing, lifting bearhug. Every iota of oxygen exits her lungs as he tightens the submission, then she loses consciousness before falling to the mats.

Tiny puts some extra work into her manicure as a foot press to her fist rattles her awake. He traps her into a stupefying cobra clutch, sapping her stamina till she can no longer stand. SK’s consecutive limb checks begin to spell the end for Eden. The glint in her ear leads to her being hoisted up by it and she suffers a trachea crushing tongan death grip sending her eyes to the back of her head. She goes out in a flash, sprawled out and vulnerable. Tiny displays more of his samoan-styled skill set with pounding Banzai drops driving Eden to soft twitches. She’s ragdolled back to the center and her leg is worked over with an ankle lock. Eden hollers in submission, regretful of her challenge against SKW’s strongest. Tiny quizzes her on the match conditions as she tries to hold it together, but she conks out in the middle of questioning. He retrieves a chair from the back and sets it up, faking an accommodating place for Eden to rest her head. Tiny disrupts her comfort with a series of savage stomps that force a propelling spit take from the exhausted dame. Tiny grows furious at the sight of his spit-soaked seat and delivers a set of chair shots to her as she’s laid out. She’s left limp and spasming as Tiny finally goes for his pin alongside his rendition of a victory song.

Tiny picks her up for an OTS carry and poses with his new trophy. Dissatisfied with his previous pinfall he goes for another as he places a boot to her head demanding that SK count again. Reluctantly SK obliges and calls the 10-count pin as he pans over Eden’s broken physique. Tiny reminds Eden to replace his now ruined chair as she’s left convulsing from the brutal beatdown. It seems Eden’s grand return didn’t go as she expected, regardless the fans welcome her back with open arms.

Lifting sleeperhold KO
Belly punching
Wall splashes KO
High-angle camel clutch
Belly splashes KO
Back splashes KO
Two-handed throat lift KOs
Spinal kick
Heart punch KO
Foot press
Dragon sleeper KO
Torture rack KO
Pendulum swing hold
Crippler crossface KO
Skullcrusher KO
Iron claw KO
Boston crab KO
Bearhug KO
Hand press
Cobra clutch KO
Ear lift
Tongan death grip KO
Banzai drops KO
Ankle lock KO
Chair-assisted stomps w/ spit take
Chair shots KO
Two-handed press 10-count pin
Over-the-shoulder carry
Foot-to-head 10-count pin
Derri “air” KO poses
Eye checks
Victory poses
Limb checks
Twitching / Convulsing
Instant replays
Trash talk
Face play


Length: 41 min
Price: 38.99