TWO AMAZING CLIPS…shot in LOS ANGELES and featuring SKW’s top wrestlers vs the best of the WEST!

CLIP ONE: Hollywood vs Sapphire, Devon, and Helena

We fade in on an already unconscious Helena and Devon…trapped in Hollywood’s camel clutch!  Hollywood’s been at this for quite some time and stands both girls up, only to slam them into each other!  She then proceeds to put Devon out with a tight sleeper, moving on to Helena for the same KO!  Helena’s eyes roll into her skull as she fades away, allowing Hollywood the chance to pile both girls up and pose victoriously.  Until Sapphire shows up, that is!

The Latina badass slams a fist into Hollywood’s back, sending her crashing to the mats.  She then slaps on a sleeper hold that saps the pro legend’s consciousness, leaving her out on the mats!   Sapphire wakes her SKW partners up, and the trio decide to claim some serious vengeance!  All three ladies take turns dominating the former GLOW diva until she’s completely out on the ground…leading to a very one-sided SKW team win!


hair stand
belly claw
belly attacks
2 on 1 belly attacks
airplane spin
belly buster
leg drops
leg spreader drop
torture rack and claws
over the knee backbreaker, scissors/belly blow combo
leg/arm spreader with neck scissors
body slam
belly splashes
boston crab/camel clutch/hairpulling combo
baby swing
3 on 1 TOMBSTONE piledriver
3 on 1 final pin
victory pose

CLIP TWO: Lily and Frankie Z vs Helena

We fade in on Helena and Lily…already in mid-match!  Helena has Lily trapped in a boston crab, only to switch it to a perfectly-applied sleeper hold KO!   Helena goes for the final pin but the beautiful and powerful Frankie Z runs in and lands a stomp to her back!   After some smack talk, Frankie grabs Helena in a headlock and turns it into an armlock, moving on to a full nelson and a cobra clutch that puts the SKW pro out!   Frankie wakes Lily up and the two go to town on the stunned Helena.  Included in their attacks:

schoolgirl pin
ankle lock
figure four leglock
leg lock
neck scissors KO
body scisors
reverse neck scissors KO
double ankle locks
boston crab
camel clutch sleeper KO
sleeper hold KO

The two West Coast wrestlers preen and pose over Helena, only to brag to the camera.  Helena angrily comes to and attacks, nailing dual low blows and slamming the ladies into each other, knocking them senseless.  Helena follows up with a double chokeout that slowly puts both ladies out for the night!   A pin follows…and a final victory pose from the SKW superstar!



Length: 26 min

Price: 19.99