(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



In this classic we open on SKW champ Angelina stretching out while being interviewed about which girl she’s going to give the next title shot to, with Eliza and Devon being the two top contenders for the SKW belt. Angelina claims she’s not going to give either girl a shot at the title, citing that they’re not at her level. While she trash-talks, Devon and Eliza sneak in from behind, wearing bikini’s and ready for action. Devon gets Angelina’s attention as both girls suddenly fire twin kicks into Angelina’s belly! Angelina doubles over, giving Devon and Eliza a chance to deliver a dual-stunner, sending Angelina crashing to the mat
With Angelina down, the girls scramble over her, with Devon wrapping her legs around Angelina’s head while Eliza wraps her thighs around her abdomen.  Then the girls begin to squeeze, neck scissors and body scissors combining to make Angelina gasp and struggle uselessly.  Trash talking accompanies the holds as Angelina’s eyes begin to cross and flutter, finally passing out.
The girls stomp her back to life, then take either side of her for a dual bearhug. Angelina gasps and struggles, trying to draw breath but the girls tighten their grips, making breathing impossible.  Angelina’s lights begin to fade, as her crossed eyes begin to flutter shut, finally going limp between the two girls. They dump her on the mat, only to take up positions on either side of her, grabbing her neck with twin nerve holds! Angelina spasms and grimaces, the pain waking her back up, her struggles making her kick her legs on the mat.  Slowly she fades yet again, her eyes rolling back as they flutter shut
Now Eliza pulls Angelina, still unconscious, into a sleeper hold, as Devon slaps her face and belly to wake her.  Once awake, Angelina can only struggle again as Eliza tightens the hold, Devon decides to take aim at Angelina’s belly, firing brutal punches into it as Eliza cinches the sleeper hold in tight, making Angelina gasp and spasm with each shot. Then the girls trade places, giving Devon a chance to apply her own sleeper hold as Eliza devastates Angelina’s belly with shot after shot. Finally they decide to knock the struggling champ out, tightening the sleeper.
With Angelina laid out on the mat, the girls take the opportunity to claw at her belly before setting her up for a series of running neck-breakers that rock Angelina’s head hard off the mat. Not quite done with her, Devon yanks her up to sitting and grabs her with the dreaded claw hold, crushing Angelina’s temples with cruel fingers digging deep. Angelina howls and whimpers in pain before the pressure finally knocks her out
Then the girls decide on a series of crushing leg-drops to Angelina’s belly, taking it in turns to leap onto the floundering fighter again and again, then switching to belly splashes, destroying the champ’s abs. Finally they haul her to her feet, with Eliza holding Angelina’s arms back while Devon laces up some boxing gloves.  With her arms restrained, Angelina’s belly is completely defenseless as Devon begins to pummel it with shot after shot, dropping her to the mat.  Then it’s a bit of ping-pong as the girls punch Angelina back and forth between each other before doubling up with twin uppercuts that sends Angelina crashing to the mat, her lights knocked out.
The girls trade victory poses over the fallen champ, each taking the opportunity to count out a pinfall over her.  Looks like the ranking has changed.

Belly Kicking
Belly Punching
Boxing Gloves
Crossed Eyes
Leg Drops
Belly Splashing
Nerve Holds
Neck Scissors
Body Scissors
Knock Outs
Double Team
Sleeper Hold


Length: 12 min
Price: 9.99