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Ruby and Lily may be new to the mats, but it’s apparent they’re no stranger to ferocity! This match starts out brutal right after SK’s announcements and rules are mapped out: a no holds barred, no DQ match.

Ruby and Lily lock horns and struggle briefly before the smaller blonde is thrown into a side headlock. A neck throw sends Lily to the mats with Ruby, opening up the game for the first submission hold of the match: a reverse triangle to the gorgeous brunette!

Ruby doesn’t hold back on her ferocity as she ditches any newbie stereotype by simply utilizing wrestling moves and tactics. Confident that she’s got it in the bag, Ruby’s attitude is fierce yet confident as she gains KO’s and attempts several pins.

Just when Ruby thinks she’s at the final pin, Lily turns the tables and gets a reverse head scissors KO! When the time to pin comes along, Lily is so hungry for revenge that she turns down the opportunity and opts for a vicious crotch stomp instead. Lily is lifted up and put in a crippling bear hug, only to go out again at the hands of her new nemesis.

Lily goes in for the pin this time, only to be thwarted by Ruby’s aggressive kick out that yet again changes the tides of the match! They lock up again on their feet. Rudy hits Lily with an Eat Defeat finisher, but when Lily doesn’t go down. Ruby adds a kick to the face that drops Lily like a rock. Ruby goes for another pin, but Lily somehow kicks out again.

Ruby is ultimately put down and out for good with a pile driver. Lily does a Russian split victory pose, wearing her pro gear and a grin from ear to ear.


side headlock
judo throw
reverse triangle choke
belly punching
belly splash
sleeper hold
limp body checks
several failed pin attempts
crotch stomp
triangle choke
matchbook pin
lifted bear hug
Eat Defeat
face kick
russian split victory pose


Length: 10 min

Price: 7.99